Once a Woman Falls in Love

Even though women are cautious and don’t fall in love first, once a woman does fall in love, the tables turn. After falling in love, women become very “love-oriented.” That is, they really get into it! Love, and the experience of being in love, becomes a major role in a woman’s everyday life, more so than it does for a man.

Studies show that women are more likely than men to:

• find love more personally fulfilling and rewarding
• have more vivid memories of past partners
• experience more intense romantic sensations or feelings (such as euphoria)
• place more importance on love and the experience of love
• think about love and relationships on a daily basis

Once you understand that men fall in love faster than women, dating and relationships will become so much easier. For women, it will finally make sense why men come on so strong at the beginning. For men, the women you date might become slightly less mysterious, and you’ll now expect the process of courtship to last longer and take more patience, care, and effort, especially if you are dating a woman who has been divorced.

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