Here are 10 red flags, signs, and symptoms a woman may suffer abuse or be involved in an abusive relationship.
1. Partner always speaks on behalf of his/her spouse, without acknowledging their feelings or emotions.
2. Abused woman “covers” for their partner or spouse, by constantly making excuses for their “bad day” or “lack of sleep” or their “just not feeling like themselves.”
3. A woman may seem overly anxious or nervous.
4. A woman may jump or startle easily at the sound of loud noises, or shy away from arguments that do not involve them. May demonstrate a panic response that seems excessive for the situation. 
5. A woman remains or begins to shy away from others, becomes increasingly isolated. 
6. A woman may have an increasing number of illnesses or ailments that are not easily explained by the medical community, including depression.
7. An increase in substance abuse, commonly alcohol and drug use. 
8. Poor self-esteem. Often the self-esteem is very, very low. 
9. A woman may not be able to see friends without being in the presence of her partner, or may not have “permission” to use the phone. Something may happen to her phone. 
10. A woman may not have permission to drive, go to school or advance her career, do things that would allow her to become independent.
If you recognize any of the signs or symptoms of domestic violence, get help.

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