Even though men and women can be friends, this doesn’t mean that everyone desires or is happy being “just friends.”

Opposite-sex friendships certainly have their challenges—keeping romance out of the friendship, dealing with friends who want to see the two of you “together” (and who may hassle you about it), and trying to figure out if you and your friend have the same expectations about your friendship.

For some people, no matter how hard they try, platonic friendships with the opposite sex just don’t work. And although research shows that men have a more difficult time keeping romance out of a friendship—or fantasizing about the possibility of a sexual liaison—women are just as likely to report that attraction makes cross-gender friendships difficult.

The bottom line? Opposite-sex friendships are higher-maintenance than same-sex friendships, but they can also be very rewarding. By simply shifting your beliefs, you won’t miss out on great friendships, and you’ll have a great support system in place as you start dating. As long as you communicate and keep your boundaries, you can be “just friends.”

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