You’ll learn six simple strategies that have been proven—by research—time and time again to help you find a healthy and happy relationship. These steps are practical, easy to apply to your daily life, and will help you to make changes from the inside out, which will ultimately result in finding a new and lasting love:

In Step One:
You’ll learn to forget everything you thought you knew about dating after a divorce or breakup. I’ll debunk some of the most common relationship myths with research that will completely change your beliefs about men, women, love, commitment, and sex.

In Step Two:
You’ll let go of the emotional baggage you may be carrying around from your past relationships, along with the mountain of hurts and issues that can easily get in the way of a healthy new relationship.

In Step Three:
You’ll commit to an action plan for 21 days, which will bring good habits and new, positive behaviors into your life. These behaviors will open up new opportunities to meet people, change how you see yourself, and change how others see you, too.

In Step Four:
You’ll define your true self and become the person you’ve always wanted to be (who may have been hiding up until now thanks to your past relationships). I’ll show you how to focus on your needs and desires in a partnership, which will help you to define the type of person who’s just right for you.

In Step Five:
You’ll explore the vast and exciting world of dating, and I’ll reveal the top three ways to meet someone new. I’ll also show you how to make a lasting first impression, which will greatly increase your odds in the dating pool.

In Step Six:
You’ll learn if a new relationship is the right one for you. You’ll also discover how to get a relationship off to a great start—and how to get into habits from the get-go that will keep your love strong for the long haul.

Throughout this, you’ll also read stories and quotes from remarkable divorced singles from my EYM study. Their stories are poignant, funny, tragic, familiar, and—I hope—ultimately inspiring. These happy singles are just like you, but they have found a way to heal, move on, deal with messy and difficult emotional issues, endure hardships—and find new love again. You will too! Finding love again will take a little bit of time, but it’s oh so worth it.

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