If you’re attracted to your opposite, ask yourself what qualities this “type” has that you lack. Your answer pinpoints a part of yourself that’s calling out for more attention.

When you think about your life, what’s most important to you?  Having a family? Financial success and a thriving career? Having a balanced, spiritual life?

These are a few examples of key life values— and they are values you’ll certainly want to share with your life partner. Key life values are the parts of life, or the goals you strive for, that are ultimately most critical to you.

The students or clients who will tell you they’re always attracted to the wrong people often blame themselves. They’ll say, “There’s something wrong with me” or “I’m hopeless.” Not true! If there’s one thing I hope you’ll learn from this, it’s that dating and relationship mistakes are not your fault.

You’ve picked up a lot of your attitudes, assumptions, and behaviors from believing in untrue or misguided relationship myths. It’s so common to be attracted to your opposite. But now that you know similarity is what predicts relationship success, you’ll be equipped to make better decisions next time.

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