We have a letter from a friend. A very inspiring letter that most of us will actually relate to. Boyfriends often cheated. Read this letter and be grateful of what you are going through. 

Dear Love Stories,

I am with this boyfriend for 4 years. When we started we are good. But in the mids of our relationship he was a bit aloof. I suspected that he have other girls. Then for my further observation he had been communicating with his exes. I didn't know when or how it started but I was really devastated. I confronted him and I told him I don't like what he is doing. He understood and more often I realize he is hiding from me. I let it pass. Until one day, he would shout or hurt me verbally. I was totally hurt. He wanted to ditch me off. I cried then he will just say sweet words to me and I don't get mad anymore. Then I learned he's been seeing a new girl. I was really hurt. I cry myself to sleep. I was crying because I felt I would have been too clingy of him. He broke up with me because of my dramas. I begged and cry it out. But he is already decided. I left. Sometimes I check about  him, if he is okay. I get to ask some friends. I was so happy that it ended. I never been this happy and successful with my career if I still have him. I want to thank him for letting me go. I learn something from him, he has all the quality of someone I should not have. 

Most of the time things happen for a reason. There are always reasons. You should be patient enough and go on with your life. It will turn out to be a good one. Just be grounded and never think of revenge. It will ruin you and your reputation.


Thank you Brenda for your letter. Click here on Tips to get over boyfriend

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