When you begin to realize that there are millions of women around the world that would desire you once they got to know you and WOULD want you for the long term, you'll start seeing things differently.

If you've been wondering why women are like this or have treated you this way, don't worry about it.
They can't help the culture in which they were brought up.

For better and for worse, our social and relational dynamics have changed (even flip-flopped) from what they used to be.

That woman who you think is so hot and knows it and gets away with anything that all guys seem to want... you know the one.

Well, if she was in another culture, she may not get away with any of that; not to mention most men would never want to marry her because they know she'd be a housebreaking neuroticbitch and hell to live with.


This goes for in life and for in attracting and succeeding with beautiful women or the women you desire.

If your entire focus in life is on just becoming more effective with women, you're not being a natural man.

Fortunately, there are some things that you DO have to learn to get more in line (taught in my "Mens Guide to Women") which will allow you to live a more balance, healthy and natural life for yourself and for dealing with women and being successful with them.

When you become the man that you know you should be, you will improve yourself and do whatever it takes to become more desirable to women (and not less desirable or a social outcast).


This is a powerful powerful technique right here.

Most importantly, it stems from actually being (and becoming) your true self and who you were meant to be.

Women are always making judgments about men when they first see them... they HAVE TO.
First impressions are accelerated in importance times TEN when it comes to the 'dating' world.
They have to develop a solid opinion of you to prevent wasting their time or ending up with an energy draining wussbag.

Every LITTLE thing about you and especially your energy they can sense and are making judgments about and fast forwarding...i t's all they have to go off of.

Usually their 'intuition' is pretty accurate.

You do the same thing except it's more physically based with women. You're extrapolating right when you see women in a split second you'd know if you want to sleep with her or not.

With women, it takes a little longer to 'read you' but they can get a generally good idea very quickly and especially after communicating with you if they'll 'give you a chance'.


If you want to accelerate things very fast and NEVER experience rejection, you're going to have lay out your 'terms' before she even has a chance.

Doing this is a very alpha male characteristic plus you're really letting her know where you're coming from.

Even though I have done this many times before I met him, I still have to give some props for first stating this general philosophy publicly.

But it's a universal trait of highly effective alpha males and it applies to everything they're doing in their life.

We just don't have time to waste putzing around with the courtship game because it's not what we or the women we're interested in are after anyways right now.

Most importantly, just being honest about who you are, what you want and expect from her and letting her know (preferably upfront shortly after you meet) is actually a relief to most women so they don't even 'have to' reject you or play the painstaking 'dating game' of what's he thinking now/what's
she thinking now... they can just 'toe the line' to your reality or 'fall out'; it's their choice but you're moving on either way because you've got women to do, things to see.

Happy Birthday Google!

It is the 17th birthday of Google today! If I could have given the chance to ask people on what Google means to them, I probably have millions of answers now. But to sum it up the purpose of Google is to make our life easier for us.

Happy 17th Birthday Google! Looking for many years in developing and exploring all resources to help everyones life easier and happier days! Thank you Google.

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