When you begin to realize that there are millions of women around the world that would desire you once they got to know you and WOULD want you for the long term, you'll start seeing things differently.

If you've been wondering why women are like this or have treated you this way, don't worry about it.
They can't help the culture in which they were brought up.

For better and for worse, our social and relational dynamics have changed (even flip-flopped) from what they used to be.

That woman who you think is so hot and knows it and gets away with anything that all guys seem to want... you know the one.

Well, if she was in another culture, she may not get away with any of that; not to mention most men would never want to marry her because they know she'd be a housebreaking neuroticbitch and hell to live with.

In case you didn't know... most of the people in the world still live in a traditional paradigm.

Yet here in America (and it's spread), women now can get away with literally murder.

Our media portrays nothing less than sexual exploitation of women and the power has shifted.

If you fall into this line of reasoning of what I call the 'forced reality' which we've built on top of our natural paradigm of relational attraction, you're going to continue to be frustrated and never be able to figure women out.

Understanding cultural differentiation will help you realize that you actually are a good catch around the world and that you'd have a 100 times healthier marriage with a more traditional woman than one that tries to (fill in the blank divorced men).

"If all of us men," "become a part of the solution and not the problem, the world will be a better place."

I am the first expert to bring cultural differentiation to the table while other guru's completely don't even acknowledge it or it's importance.

I have naturally attracted women and had success with them around the world without even speaking many times BECAUSE OF my inherent ability to naturally attract women, while in the U.S. it was hard to get anything started.

It's a world of a difference and you're not alone.

I strongly suggest my 'Men's Guide to Women' ebook in order to fully understand the important scope of the macro dynamics involved so you can find your place and wipe away years of confusion (as I did).

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