This goes for in life and for in attracting and succeeding with beautiful women or the women you desire.

If your entire focus in life is on just becoming more effective with women, you're not being a natural man.

Fortunately, there are some things that you DO have to learn to get more in line (taught in my "Mens Guide to Women") which will allow you to live a more balance, healthy and natural life for yourself and for dealing with women and being successful with them.

When you become the man that you know you should be, you will improve yourself and do whatever it takes to become more desirable to women (and not less desirable or a social outcast).

Your life centers around you and I have to admit it that men are at the top of the food chain (yes, above women!) for a reason and it's up to you to embrace your potential and stop living in fear and confusion when it comes to dealing with them.

With power and dreams comes great responsibility and with it, you must also respect all women without ever letting them betray your own personal boundaries.

When you are the man that people and women desire to have for the short term and especially long-term and continue improving yourself, your options with women become infinite because you know that you can please a growing number of millions of women around the world.

You just have to embrace your potential and seek to improve yourself because you are what they ideally WANT to look up to and be a part of.

If you have a goal or purpose in life or just something that you're really interested in, women will pick this up and respect you for it.

Get really good at least at SOMETHING.

Personally, I've been consciously doing all kinds of things to make my life more interesting and intriguing, so that I am continuously growing but also have something of value to offer even the most desirable women in the world.

How do you think I react to the average woman who thinks SHE has the power because of her 'looks'?

“Honey, I'm the catch...there's NO denying it. Even if I have short-term sexual relationships with them, if they're empowered and independent, I won't let them catch me for the long term... it's a paradoxical void that can never be attained by them and makes them want me more and I show it.

I'm just being me.

I've been through pain and compound regression like you too but not anymore.”
It's up to you to become the best man you can be.

Gillette or something..

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