This is a powerful powerful technique right here.

Most importantly, it stems from actually being (and becoming) your true self and who you were meant to be.

Women are always making judgments about men when they first see them... they HAVE TO.
First impressions are accelerated in importance times TEN when it comes to the 'dating' world.
They have to develop a solid opinion of you to prevent wasting their time or ending up with an energy draining wussbag.

Every LITTLE thing about you and especially your energy they can sense and are making judgments about and fast forwarding...i t's all they have to go off of.

Usually their 'intuition' is pretty accurate.

You do the same thing except it's more physically based with women. You're extrapolating right when you see women in a split second you'd know if you want to sleep with her or not.

With women, it takes a little longer to 'read you' but they can get a generally good idea very quickly and especially after communicating with you if they'll 'give you a chance'.

Most wussbags though, after extrapolating his draining energy, she won't even give him a chance.
If you're incongruent with who you are and trying to develop 'techniques' to showcase some hotshot or something but you're not representing your internal character, she will know, and then you're going to get stuck in a rut and continue to be rejected.

I recommend becoming a better man in the first place and then taking your inward 'true colors' outward and unabashedly 'showcasing' who you really are (not someone you're not) to people at all times so they CAN judge you (b/f it's happening anyways you may as well make it in your favor).
Doing this will allow women to be attracted to you if they see that you're comfortable in your own skin.

And when you can follow up in congruency by being who you really are throughout your communication with them (before AND after/throughout) your meeting them, you will have massive effectiveness and power. So what you want to do is become a better man, develop more desirable
qualities and value within yourself and let people know.

This means MANY things.

Increasing your sense of fashion related to who you are, work on your personal appearance, posture, self-respect, composure, everything... all of this shows.

Even down to your fingernails, breath, and SHOES.

You make judgments all the time.

Women can sense 'quality' or 'low class' instantly.

When you have things working in your advantage (esp. because it's who you are), she'll be 'open' to giving you a shot to see if you really live up to what she hopes you are.

I've had women come up to meet and meet me before many times without saying a word just because of the information she extrapolated.

This determines her interest or not, and then when you confirm what she thought (or are even BETTER),'s on!

If you've ever seen a man walk in the room and you felt the atmosphere change and sense that he must be 'going places' and 'getting chicks'...well, women can pick this up many times stronger than you can.

They are VERY sensitive to your presence and they will accelerate whatever 'feedback' they are getting.

It either works in your favor or works massively against you (as maybe in your past).


So give them something they can extrapolate that represents you and is something they want.

Work on your image and everything related to who you are as a strong man (ideally an alpha male) but truly being yourself, fearless, unashamed, confident, valuable and desirable.

Unfortunately if you're a GREAT guy on the inside but just not 'showing it' on the outside, how on earth will she ever know enough to be attracted to you? And if you are the guy who is overweight, balding, less than average looking, maybe older... well... I recommend actually having 'something' of value to bring to the table.


If you're expecting the hottest women, then you should have 'something' of value to add to their life (even if it's just great sex).

There are some unhealthier women who will go with a less socially desirable guy but why be less socially desirable?

If you don't have all the physical attributes going on?

So what?

You can develop all kinds of other attributes that women and other people find respectable and desirable.

She may be 'beautiful' (in the eye of the beholder anyways), but you have other attributes within you that balance out her beauty. If you don't balance out with 'something', then it isn't really a natural match and you should develop 'something' that equals your perception of her beauty.

Or you can just not care about her 'beauty' in the first place and that can work but at least respect her body and give her an unforgettable experience. You shouldn't have to be a jerk or bad boy in order to succeed with women. These used to be the outcasts of society and are now scoring women because
they're the few that still maintain the natural paradigm of attraction (the man leading the way fearlessly and she is attracted massively to) b/c mostly no one else is stepping up to the plate.

Today's independent women have changed from their grandmothers but you do NOT have to become a jerk just to score with them. Live in a strong reality, showcase who you really are, be fearless around them.

But especially in this tip, give them something that represents you that they can MAKE a judgment off of that is desirable and be right about once they meet you.

This will attract women to you everywhere you go (I've done it in many countries) and accelerate the attraction process.

When I was in the U.S. Army, we soldiers used extrapolation a LOT.

You can tell a LOT out of a new person or a new officer/NCO just by seeing them and their first initial reactions or actions.

This was very true.

When we were on deployments and saw other soldiers, the smallest details counted and usually told the truth about who they were in greater detail.

If you saw a guy fumbling with his rucksack, you'd very easily accelerate the thought process and conclude that he wasn't squared away and many times people would INSTANTLY (I mean RIGHT AWAY!) treat him differently whether he really was squared away 'most of' the rest of the time or not.

On the other hand, if you saw a trooper who flawlessly grabbed his rucksack and flipped it backwards onto his back with authority and started moving out, you respected him and just assumed that he had power and control.

The more that a soldier or man really WAS this way in everything he did, the less of a chance it was 'just for show' because he really did kick ass.

This stuff is real and usually accurate and it's at LEAST at this level with (desirable) women ALL of the time they are meeting men; they ARE extrapolating data because it's all they have to go off of.

What do YOU want to portray to them?

If they extrapolate something desirable and heart-melting off of you, DON’T prove them wrong... actually BE that man.

How about becoming more of that man that women would want and then showcasing who you are with or without them being around, through and throughout b/c you really ARE that man?

Because I'll tell you, they ARE extrapolating, whether you believe it or not, just as much as you instantly reacted based on your perception of how she looks to you.

But when you become that man that everyone wants to be around (which may be a long process), you'll have your life more in line with who you probably really are inside anyways, and you'll be giving women something to start turning into wussies themselves around right in your very presence;
Especially when you follow through and their body and mind has no choice but to go along with your lead respectfully because they trust you and any advantage you 'take of them' would only be to their mutual benefit as well.

It's your job to take the lead and maximize your opportunities of developing everything in your favor.

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