Take a look at your options in the closet right now.

An "interchangeable" item, broadly speaking, is one that you can pair with at least half of the other
frequently-worn items in your wardrobe.

Taking things a step forward, you want at least half the items in your wardrobe to meet that
qualification. Think of it as the "half works with half" rule, if that helps.

Half your wardrobe, give or take, can be less-flexible accent pieces. There's no harm in owning some
style pieces -- in fact, it's encouraged. But a good half the wardrobe should be solid, interchangeable
core pieces that work with the majority of your clothes.

Don't be too strict with your rules. This isn't a delicate chemical formula. You've got some wiggle

But do strive for that versatile, interchangeable wardrobe. If nothing else, it makes finding two things
to throw on in the morning that will look decent together really easy, even before you've had your

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The last chapter talked about the "style pyramid," which is essentially a way to double-check your
potential clothing purchases.

That's basically a triage mechanism. It's good for preventing mistakes, but it doesn't do much in the
way of constructive wardrobe building.

So what should a guy who wants a better wardrobe, but who isn't sure where to begin, be focusing


It sounds more complicated than it is. An interchangeable wardrobe is exactly what the word
suggests: one where you can swap different pieces in and out easily, and still have them all work
reasonably well with one another.

There'll always be a few outliers. Everyone ends up with one or two beloved pieces of clothing that
don't necessarily go well with a lot of other pieces. But the goal of the man just starting to expand his
wardrobe should always be to buy clothing items that work well with one another.

Before You Buy: Decide What You Already Own (and Like)


Adjustments: Making an Okay Fit into a Good Fit

If you apply a standard of perfect fit to everything you try on, very few items of clothing will make the grade.

The reality is that, unless you have a body with the exact same measurements that got programmed
into the factory machines, all off-the-rack clothes are going to have an imperfect fit somewhere.
And that's fine. The trick is knowing which imperfect fits can be easily (and cheaply) turned into
perfect ones by a skilled tailor.

Minor adjustments are cheap and quick. They're the secret weapon of all the stylish men you know. If
a guy looks consistently sharp, you can bet he gets his clothes adjusted.

The following list describes the cheapest and easiest clothing adjustments. These are the places you
can accept a little bit of a bad fit in the changing room, since you know you'll be having them adjusted

  • trouser length (easy to shorten)
  • shirt waist looseness (easy to take in)
  • cuff length (a little tougher than trousers, but still simple)
  • jacket waist looseness (a little pricier than shirts, but not too bad)


Whether you think of yourself as a stylish dresser or not, it's helpful to have a system for clothes
shopping that doesn't waste any time or money.

The "style pyramid" is a simple triage that keeps you from buying needless wardrobe items.
Here's how it works: check everything you buy against each level of the pyramid. If it meets the
criterion in question, go up a level and keep checking. If it doesn't meet your standards for that level
of the pyramid, put it back and don't worry about the rest.

The style pyramid works in three simple, ascending levels: fit, fabric, and fashion.
Start at the bottom (fit) and work your way up. Something that makes it all the way to the top, meeting your standards at every level, is worth considering. Something that fails on any level isn't going to be a good purchase, no matter how tempting the brand or the price.


The base of the style pyramid is fit.



Ah, the age-old nagging doubt of a man picking up his first style manual: is it okay for me to be doing

Yes. Yes, it is. Relax and enjoy yourself! This stuff is fun.

Think about it this way: whatever your definition of "manly" might be, it probably doesn't include
feeling nervous about a book, or about clothing.

So don't. Approach this stuff with confidence and class. Turns out, you'll be in good company.

Men's Style: An Evolutionary Success

When we say "fashion," modern readers tend to think of things like catalogs, photo shoots, and
glamour magazines.

But fashion is much, much older than that, and it's more deeply ingrained in our cultural consciousness than most people are aware of.


Personal Style: A Lot of Reward for Very Little Effort

So let's look back over our list here.

We've got personal and professional advancement, social advantages, self-improvement, good mental
training, and constant "curbside appeal" from dressing well -- and that's just the first few examples.

Given that improving your look is easy and affordable (as we'll be discussing throughout this work,
don't worry), why wouldn't a man want to put a little thought into his personal style?

It's a whole lot of reward for very little effort. And that's a bargain you can get into even if you're not
a big fan of runway shows.

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Men's style: why bother?

It's a natural question, especially if your idea of "style" comes from runway shows.

But there's more to menswear than experimental fashions on unhealthily slender models.

Upgrading your look can lead to big rewards, even for casually-dressed men who don't face a
professional dress code. Here are just a few of the reasons style matters for all men:

1. Dressing Well Opens Doors for You

A good outfit opens doors, literally and figuratively.
From getting past the bouncer and skipping the line at a nightclub to being invited up to the boss's
office for a private chat about pay, you're going to go further in a nice jacket and slacks than you are
in blue jeans and a flannel.


Every generation produces one or two style manuals that become true classics.

Men of the early 21st century -- this is one of yours.

We've taken full advantage of the e-book format to cram as much information into this work as
possible. Bound and published, it would rival some textbooks for weight. You could do some serious
damage swinging it around.

But instead of straining your wrists, you can swipe through effortlessly on your tablet or your phone.
Ain't technology something?

This isn't some quick read, or a preview to get you to buy a real book. It's everything you need to know about menswear, condensed into one e-book and sold for the and sold for the lowest price possible. We made it good and we made it affordable because we want to impress you.


It’s not just a song. We all need a little help from our friends. If not now, tomorrow. Or the day after. Or the year after. Some people never realize it until it’s too late. They invest in stocks,
bonds, or real estate thinking money is going to give them the security and happiness they seek. Sadly, they neglect the most important investment of their lives—time spent finding, making,
and nurturing true friendships and true lasting love relationships.

Sometimes we are a nation of blockheads so blinded by sex, that we don’t see the true love for the birds and the bees. (Not that there’s anything wrong with the birds and the bees—we’re going
to talk about those captivating little critters. But with no myths, no false magic.) We’re going to get real about love and sex. Because all too often the lovebird sings sweet lies, and the bee stings too
hard. We’re also going to talk about friendship because, as we mature, same-sex and other-sex nonsexual friends take on an increasingly important role in our lives.

Here are some of the types of relationships we’re going to explore in How to Be a People Magnet.

Platonic Friendships
There’s No Such Thing! (Or Is There?)


HUMANS BY NATURE ARE VERY SENSITIVE BEINGS. We are so emotional because we perceive everything with the emotional body. The emotional body is like a radio that can be tuned to
perceive certain frequencies or to react to certain frequencies. The normal frequency of humans before domestication is to explore and to enjoy life; we are tuned to love. As children, we don't have
any definition of love as an abstract concept; we just live love. It's the way we are.

The emotional body has a component like an alarm system to let us know when something is wrong. It is the same with the physical body; it has an alarm system to let us know something is wrong with our body. We call this pain. When we feel pain it is because there is something wrong with the body that we have to look at and fix. The alarm system for the emotional body is fear.

When we feel fear, it's because there is something wrong. Perhaps we are in danger of losing our life.
The emotional body perceives emotions, but not through the eyes. We perceive emotions through our emotional body. Children just feel emotions and their reasoning mind doesn't interpret or question them. This is why children accept certain people and reject other people. When they don't feel confident around someone, they reject that person because they can feel the emotions that person is projecting. Children can easily perceive when someone is angry and their alarm system generates a little fear that says, "Stay away." And they follow their instinct - they stay away.


PERHAPS YOU HAVE NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT IT, but on one level or another, all of us are masters. We are masters because we have the power to create and to rule our own lives.
Just as societies and religions around the world create incredible mythologies, we create our own. Our personal mythology is populated by heroes and villains, angels and demons, kings and commoners. We create an entire population in our mind, including multiple personalities for ourselves. Then we master the image we are going to use in certain circumstances. We become
artists of pretending and projecting our images, and we master whatever we believe we are. When we meet other people, we classify them right away, and assign them a role in our lives. We
create an image for others, according to what we believe they are.

And we do the same thing with everyone and everything around us.
You have the power to create. Your power is so strong that whatever you believe comes true. You create yourself, whatever you believe you are. You are the way you are because that is what
you believe about yourself. Your whole reality, everything you believe, is your creation. You have the same power as any other human in the world. The main difference between you and someone else is how you apply your power, what you create with your power. You may be similar to others in many ways, but no one in the whole world lives her life the way you do.


Notice I didn't say 'approach women'.

I think that has a certain stigma which brings out past feelings of ineffectiveness in men creating more of a barrier to break.

Living a healthy, balanced and social life however, you can 'make connections'.

The most important things in life that you remember are experiences you have shared with other people.

In fact, all relationships must start with a connection... in a way, this is the essence of life and everything everyone hoped for.

You can continue to live in a fantasy world alone OR you can start making connections with women.
You don't have to do it all the time or every opportunity, but once you start developing a more interdependent state of mind and become more naturally proactive (instead of shark attack aggressive and focused on pussy), you can be meeting women and talking to them (and other people) everywhere you go.


The beauty of this is that it's aligned to being a natural man who women are attracted to without having any of the creepy vibe that comes with going out of your way to approach her or trying to 'get something' from her.

It starts off nice and natural when you're being just a social person. Once you start communicating with her, you can take it from PG-13 to rated R if you feel she is responsive to you.

Being social and naturally communicative stems from wanting to add value out into the world and never depends on seeking someone else's approval because you have your boundaries but you can share a lot of things with people because that's what life is about.

Ever notice how the life of the party guy usually has women all around him?
Well, why can't that be you?

Maybe it already IS you on the inside but you just need to bring it outwards. You've made people laugh before right? You've had a great time with buddies before right? Why not just break down all barriers and become more like that with all people... when you show who you are up front, it allows women to actually have something to go off of and be attracted to you... otherwise, how is she
going to find out who you are unless you take a long, long time if you're really shy when you SHOULD be naturally talking with people.


Seemingly impossible to do for many men but actually quite simple once you know your place in the circle of life.

You were meant to have the power and choice when it comes to women.

The strong will survive and showing that you really are fearless around women is something that very few men portray... especially around the empowered Aphrodites that we have today.

In order to become fearless, it's not just an inner game fix but you have to align yourself with many universal truths.

This will empower you to become more of the man you were supposed to be and less of a socially brainwashed and confused man.


Align yourself to an understanding of our 'forced reality' and obtain a global and biological perspective on modern social dynamics

This is about the most powerful and leveraged thing you can do to wipe away all confusion when it comes to dealing with and approaching women and I wrote a 353 page book 'Men's Guide to Women' that focuses on this as one of the central topics.

You have to understand that only until recently in our history, have we had 40 year old virgins.
This is a blatant violation of nature and natural selection when we have good guys who aren't (going through the) procreating (process). By understanding how different American and   independent/empowered women are from; how they were for a millennia, you'll begin to realize many important things.

You'll begin to take the power back and not from a chauvinistic viewpoint but rather from giving women what they really want. It's in their blood to desire a man and not a wussboy who they can control DESPITE their socially developed character and modern reality. The biological process of attraction has not changed and man today has become confused and weak because of what is going on today.


Just be a natural; it's the rare invisible ninja art.

So many people are teaching essentially the art of 'tricking her' into bed.

I always knew there was something amiss with this, so I never got into it too much. Instead, I've had natural success with women from over two dozen countries (and the U.S. of course!) to date by just being a natural. Yes, and that includes when I didn't even know their language.

The ability to attract and have success with women is a natural function. Look, they want sex just as much as we men do but in a different way. They theoretically even have to want it as much, or the natural balance would be thrown off and we wouldn't be here today.

It just is different when it comes to women.

My Beautiful Distraction