Every generation produces one or two style manuals that become true classics.

Men of the early 21st century -- this is one of yours.

We've taken full advantage of the e-book format to cram as much information into this work as
possible. Bound and published, it would rival some textbooks for weight. You could do some serious
damage swinging it around.

But instead of straining your wrists, you can swipe through effortlessly on your tablet or your phone.
Ain't technology something?

This isn't some quick read, or a preview to get you to buy a real book. It's everything you need to know about menswear, condensed into one e-book and sold for the and sold for the lowest price possible. We made it good and we made it affordable because we want to impress you.

Believe us when we tell you up front -- this thing's too big to tackle all at once.

So relax. Take it slow. Browse around a bit. Make full use of the ebook format. Sections are
interlinked so that you can skip easily from one to the next. We recommend it.

Some of this stuff gets pretty technical. Don't overwhelm yourself. If you're getting bored reading
about the difference between vented and unvented jackets, or worsted versus flannel wool, stop
reading. There's not going to be a quiz at the end.

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