The beauty of this is that it's aligned to being a natural man who women are attracted to without having any of the creepy vibe that comes with going out of your way to approach her or trying to 'get something' from her.

It starts off nice and natural when you're being just a social person. Once you start communicating with her, you can take it from PG-13 to rated R if you feel she is responsive to you.

Being social and naturally communicative stems from wanting to add value out into the world and never depends on seeking someone else's approval because you have your boundaries but you can share a lot of things with people because that's what life is about.

Ever notice how the life of the party guy usually has women all around him?
Well, why can't that be you?

Maybe it already IS you on the inside but you just need to bring it outwards. You've made people laugh before right? You've had a great time with buddies before right? Why not just break down all barriers and become more like that with all people... when you show who you are up front, it allows women to actually have something to go off of and be attracted to you... otherwise, how is she
going to find out who you are unless you take a long, long time if you're really shy when you SHOULD be naturally talking with people.

Not just women out of a scarcity mentality, but being socially abundant knowing that you're going to meet interesting and great people that you can develop things further with.

In social environments and with a 'social' state of mind, you can easily get women's phone numbers after a short conversation if you want.

But I strongly recommend putting yourself in environments where it's acceptable for something like that to happen.

You can 'go out of your way' to get phone numbers on the streets of women but still it's creepy...they know where you're coming from and your chance of scoring with them that way is very little.
It's a waste of time, really.

I recommend practicing eye contact and saying to women in public but you can't sleep with every hottie that walks by on the street... put yourself in environments where people want to connect or where it's more socially 'ok' for her conscience.

Be in environments where you can still 'naturally' meet her even if it's an organized event.
This way, it's not as creepy to her, plus when you're a natural using the invisible art (and you really couldn't care either way what she says) it will be easy to make connections and get information to follow up.

Don't be the X-Rated guy and tell her you want to f*** her.... There's a time and place (like adult chat rooms) for that. She wants to meet healthy, social men who are leading their own lives who she met 'naturally' and then 'things led from there' (of course you know where they'd lead).

Have her guessing what's next when you do get involved and don't be predictable or boring.
Becoming more of a social person in general is going to open doors up for you like you wouldn't believe.

It's all about making connections.

The more connections you make, the more women and options you're going to have.
Once you know cool people that are like you that you can add or exchange value to their lives with, they'll have other people (and women) who they can introduce you to.

It's just a roundabout circle that works in your favor, not to mention that it's healthy and normal.

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