Was your boyfriend ever late for a date because of car trouble?

Everyone experiences the inconvenience of a car trouble every now and then, and if your boyfriend was ever late because of it, do ask exactly what kind of trouble he ran into before you get mad at him. Overheating, getting a flat tire, being involved in a minor car accident, all these when true (not that guys ever lie..) are acceptable and you might want to consider extra sweet behavior on your part just to make him feel better about his day. However, if he says that the "car trouble" he experienced was something like getting his engine tweaked for optimum performance, changing his head lights so that they would now be "super white" or that he couldn't decide which set of mag wheels he wanted to get, then this signals trouble for you. I mean, we are talking about frivolous things here! all of these could easily be done on any other day (or even not at all!) and yet he chooses to do so right before a date with you. I suppose the rule of thumb would be: Anything that doesn't need to be done right away shouldn't be done at your expense. So, if he was ever late for any of these inane reasons, chalk up one point for the car for every time this happens.

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