I still have trouble with this idea, why do girls always cling to funny guys?

Well I know for sure that humor alone isn’t going to get you too far.

But it seems guys who are funny do great with girls.

What I find is it’s mainly the fact that through laughing, people seem to bond and become closer, also making the girl feel more comfortable around the man where she feels she can be laid back.

Funny also = fun, which is probably the best element to attracting a girl is fun between you two.

This is really important. Yet I also feel it’s needed to be mixed in with cockiness and confidence to create the greatest combination.

Now, I disprove of self-deprecating, sexual, religious and racial humor.

That kind of humor can kill attraction pretty fast. If a girl thinks you’re a pervert or have low self-esteem, you’re kinda done for, dude.

Avoid it like the plague and find other fun subjects.

Racial and religious jokes can come across as offensive if she is or knows anyone of that race/religion and feels like defending them. Your best option is to leave jokes alone that could possibly piss her off, or die out attraction for you (which if she gets angry, will happen).

The idea is to build, attain and keep attraction.

As I said before about teasing girls, you can be funny through actions like pulling her hair and dragging her around a public place for instance or poking and teasing her somewhere. It’s a better substitute.

You can also find ways to use a comment she says to use it against her and make a joke on her.

Have fun, experiment and do what doesn’t feel wrong.

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