Teasing a girl physically works usually just as well as verbally.

Either way you’re portraying the same idea that you’re comfortable around her and willing to tease her a little bit which is good.

Now physical teasing with a girl (for me personally), usually will involve just doing little subtle things that when she realizes that you’re teasing her can be funny for the both of you.

For example, physical teasing could be…

1) Lightly pushing her as you’re walking into things, objects or other people (gotta be careful with other people, make sure nobody gets pissed) which is great to add in “Sorry, she kind of has trouble with her equilibrium. We’re working on it though (smile and give her a hug).”

2) Trying to hand her something and not letting go, or pretending to grab something out of her hand and as she’s holding it just lightly touch it like you’re going to grab it but don’t. Easier done, than explained.

3) Poking her in her side, pinching her arm or tickling is great. Even pulling her hair and guiding her around or walking with you pulling on it with her yelling to get off (of course don’t get her mad, some girls do, girls who do I consider that a red flag which I‘ll explain later) And of course, once back at the ranch, you could even if the timing feels alright….

4) Ask her if she wants to wrestle, arm wrestle or even put on boxing gloves and you could play fight together. Physical activities together will create bonding a lot faster than just talking or conversation if used correctly, and it’s a lot of fun for both of you.

You could be surprised, I find a lot of girls who are fully willing to box or play around with you through activities like that.

Keep in mind, try not to take physical teasing too far.

I’ll usually avoid touching her unless she’s comfortable or already having fun with you (this is usually about a minute after we begin talking in my case, everyone‘s different though).

Once you guys start laughing or having fun it should be ok at that point for  physical teasing.

Keep in mind not to overdo it, I’ll keep verbal and physical teasing at the same level about mostly and not favor one.

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