It is very important to keep as much power inside you as you can when you’re dating a beautiful woman.

A lot of guys make the mistake of giving away all their power when they meet a hot woman. As a result, they become needy and eventually get dumped by their girlfriends.

I’m here to put the power back in you. I’m here to give you the greatest power a man can have in a relationship: the power to walk away.

When you're needy, a woman KNOWS that she HAS you.

And when a woman knows she has you, it leaves her VERY LITTLE REASON to try to change ANYTHING for the better.

Think about it…

if she already knows that you're not going to leave her no matter what, why would she bother to change ANYTHING?

If she's ALREADY getting what she wants, why should she try to GIVE more?

She has ABSOLUTELY no reason to. She has ALL the power already. The stakes are high on YOUR end and low on hers.

But if you walk away or just demonstrate your wiliness to walk away, then suddenly it changes EVERYTHING.

She will see that maybe she should compromise. She will see that if she does not give you anything in return, there's a big chance of losing you forever - along with all the good things you bring.

All of a sudden, she won't take you for granted anymore, and you will become more attractive in her eyes.

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