Contrary to popular beliefs, attracting beautiful women is a skill you can learn. Most "players" out there get laid not because they are rich and handsome, but because they are skilled in what they do in their past time - picking up women.

They are the people who have been rejected over and over since a young age before they finally learned the skills they need to be good with women. The good news for you, my friend, is that these skills can be learned by anyone. This means anyone, regardless of his looks, wealth, and status, can
become a master at picking up women once they have learned the right skills.

Every skill needs to be learned.

You had to learn how to walk, how to talk, how to read, how to use a computer and so on. These are all skills you had to learn because you needed them. Meeting woman is just another skill you should learn - the sooner the better.

So if you would like to become successful with women, then you should make a commitment to LEARN these skills.

There’s an old saying in business, “If you would like to become success and rich, then you should devote at least 10 percent of your monthly income and time to self-education. If you’re broke, try 90 percent.”

This concept is also true in the dating game. If you’re unsuccessful with women, then it’s a good sign you should spend more of your time and resources to pick up some new skills until you’re better than the average guy. If you work hard, you will get good results.

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