Being a real guy (or how you act when your alone with guy friends) in front of a girl can often be attractive to her.

It shows you’re being who you are and can be comforting for a girl to put her guard down to know you’re not being fake. This isn’t true for all girls and either way I don’t take it as a red flag.

When hanging out with my guy friends, we usually do manly things like fart on each other and smack each other around and it makes girls laugh like crazy.

A lot of the time guys hold back from this stuff cause they’re afraid girls will get grossed out.

About 50% of girls won‘t mind, so make your own judgment on if you think she‘d mind. Usually if you do it too early, for their first impression, it’s unattractive which is no good.

If I’m comfortable with her or she’s one of my girl friends (or a girlfriend), I don’t even bother to hold back, but too much of anything isn’t good. Just farting and peeing in public near girls too much can come across as too childish and become a turn off.

It’s not something I look forward to doing or suggest, it’s just not something I avoid.

The idea is to be comfortable and relaxed around her and not to be uptight.

When you tend to not do things because you’re thinking what is and what isn’t attractive to her, what your doing is unattractive.

Don’t worry about what she thinks and just don‘t get overboard with gross jokes. If it gets her laughing or smiling, it worked.

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