“Respect” is very important when it comes to the dating game. Women are ONLY attracted to guys they RESPECT.

Don't believe me?

You's the same for guys too: We are only attracted to girls we respect.
As men, we can have sex with hot sluts...but we never STAY with them because we don't respect them at all.

So... if a girl tries to have sex with us in order to seduce us because she thinks guys are just after sex, she's going to be in a nasty surprise.

Sure...we may have sex with them or even fall for her in the short run...but over time, we're going to lose respect and eventually dump her because she's just "too easy".

The same applies to dating women.

We can shower them with tons of love and care.
We can buy them expensive gifts and drive them to work everyday.
We can take care of them when they are depressed and give them a shoulder to cry on. We can give them all the "nice things" in life. But guess what?

They are not going to become any more attracted to us.

Just like men don't respect women that are too easy, women don't respect men that are too "nice".
So how do we come to respect a member of the opposite sex?
How do we get hot women to respect us?
Well, according to psychologists, our respect of other people is usually based on our perception of the person's independence and self-reliance. For example, we're drawn towards leaders and other "powerful" people because they are strong and independent.

The opposite is also true.

The "clingier" a person is, the less respect we have for them. Would you want your girlfriend to call you 10 times a after day...week after week...year after year? a nutshell...


I am serious.

Start walking around with a SPINE...especially when you're around attractive women. Trust me, as soon as you stop letting women walk all over you, they're going to respect you and like you more.

Here are some practical tips on how to GET A SPINE:

1) Learn To Say "No": Not in an angry way, but in a calm and almost "indifferent" manner. (Real men never get angry. Real men put women back into their places by saying “no” to them calmly. )

"No, dear. We're not going to that restaurant tonight."
"No, I don't want to wait for you to call me 2 hours before the movie to see if you're going. If you can't come, tell me now so I can make other plans or go with someone else."

2) Don't Be Too Nice: If you're the type of guy that likes to "be nice" to women and buy them gifts and take them out to dinner, I want you to stop now. Stop letting them order you around.

Stop volunteering to "do things for them". Every time you fetch her bottle for her or give her a ride home, she's going to see you MORE as a wussy FRIEND instead of a potential LOVER, get it?

3) Be Prepared To Walk: If you aren't getting what you want from a girl, there's no use hanging around. If you aren't happy in a relationship, break out of it. Having this attitude will give you A LOT of power. Once women know that you CAN and WILL walk out if necessary, they won't take you for
granted anymore.

4) Plan Out Dates: This is actually the easiest way to demonstrate your leadership and independence. Have the whole date planned out before you go. Stay in control and just give her a good night out. Remember that people are drawn towards those that have a CLEAR sense of where they're going...
so if you plan everything ahead...your date is going to respect you more.

5) Be Decisive: If a girl asks you whether you would like to go for dinner or a play, don't say, "Whatever you like." Give a REAL answer. Every time you give the "let's do whatever you like, darling" kind of answer, you're handing your power over to HER. Sooner or later, she's going to stop respecting you as an equal partner.

6) Don't Care About What She Thinks Of You: Remember that your job is to ATTRACT her, not to PLEASE her. Don't let her know that you care what they think of you at all. The moment a girl knows you rely on her opinion of you, she's going to lose respect. Here's the bottom line: women are only attracted to guys they respect, and guys that try too hard to please women lose their respect over time!

7) Learn The Dating Game: Women respect guys that KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. Think about it...if you were a woman, would you go for a guy that stuttered and sounded not very confident...or a guy that knew EXCATLY how to approach you, WHAT to say to you...and HOW to say it? Remember that women are NATURALLY ATTRACTED to guys they RESPECT.

This means POWERFUL, CONFIDENT, and INDEPENDENT guys that make them feel weak in their knees...

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