Here are three ways to deepen a conversation.

1) Talk About The Past
The first technique is to talk about a woman's childhood or about your own childhood. Share what you did or how you were when you were just a little boy. Tell her a cute story or two about your childhood. Then ask "What about you?" and get her to talk about her own childhood.

If you do this correctly, she will automatically feel more comfortable around you because it "feels" like you know something about each other that other people don't know.

2) Talk About The Future
The second technique is to talk about the future. Share your dreams and ambitions. Find out what her goals and passions are.
No matter what they are, be genuinely impressed. Acknowledge her dreams and "believe in her".

3) Talk About Something Outside The Immediate Environment
Once a basic level of rapport has been created, avoid talking about the immediate environment. Why? You want to detach herself from the immediate "reality" and bring her into another world. For example, if you're at a nightclub, then stop talking about all the other people in the nightclub. It will only make her more aware that she is in a nightclub talking to some dude. This will put pressure on her to end the conversation and go back to doing what she was doing.

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