Here are a couple of tips on how to keep to keep a woman's interest in you high:

a) Fun and Romance: A lot of people stop flirting once they're in a relationship. Since they have successfully courted each other and do not have to worry about attracting each other anymore, they stop flirting and settle down into a routine.

Big mistake.
Attraction comes and goes. Just because a woman was attracted to you when she first met you doesn’t mean she will CONTINUE to be attracted to you if you don’t do anything to keep the attraction high.

Don’t just read my course, get a girlfriend, and throw it away until she dumps you. Study it and apply the concepts for life.

b) Be attentive: A lot of guys like to slack off and become less attentive as time goes on. They stop paying attention to their women and end up losing them.

Don’t make the same mistake.
Try to notice the details. Do thoughtful things. Leave little messages that say “I’ve been thinking about you…” Compliment her when she does something good.

c) Talk to her: Have at least one good talk every week. Maybe before bed. Maybe when you’re walking in the park. The time and location does not matter. Doing it is much more important.

This will help you solidify the bond with her. I don’t care how busy you’re with work. I don’t care what other dating coaches have taught you. (“Never call a woman”, etc) If you can’t even spare an hour on your girlfriend once a week, then it’s really your fault if the relationship turns sour.

d) Remain in control: Some guys use the techniques I’ve taught them to seduce a sexy girl they’ve always wanted, only to give up their control and start kissing the girl’s ass. Remember: everything I’ve said about remaining in control of yourself still applies after the initial courtship!

Never lose control! Be a man!
By the way, remember that when I say “stay in control”, I don’t mean you should “control a woman”. What I really mean is to CONTROL YOURSELF and your OWN ACTIONS.

e) Don’t Use Money To Substitute Anything: Under NO,
NO, NO circumstances should you attempt to please a woman with money and physical gifts. Wealth is NOT an alternative for love. Money can buy you sex, but it can’t buy you love. I don’t care how rich and busy you are. Never, never pamper a woman with money. It will eventually ruin your relationship – I’ve seen it happen countless times.

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