Here are a few signs that a woman may be interested in you.

1) You catch her checking you out.
2) Her eyes sparkle when you talk to her.
3) She strokes her outer thigh lightly when you talk to her.
4) She's always laughing at your jokes sincerely, no matter how lame they are.
5) She smiles broadly at you.
6) She flirts with you.
7) She looks straight at you and then flips her hair.
8) She plays with her shirt buttons when she talks to you.
9) She follows you around.
10) She's especially "obedient".
11) She seeks your approval.
12) She leans over and whispers in your ear.
13) She touches herself while she talks.
14) She invades your space with objects.
15) She asks people lots of questions about you.
16) She talks about you a lot in front of other people.
17) She tenses up when you touch her but does not attempt to move away at all.
18) She dresses up to see you.
19) She calls you or talks to you for no reason.
20) She likes to play with your hair.
21) She likes to leave traces behind in your house or apartment.
22) She gets jealous when you flirt with other women.
23) She keeps invading your personal space with herself.
24) She is extremely touchy - but only with you.
25) She wants to cook for you.

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