1) Everybody around you is telling you your girlfriend is not for you:
Yes, I know it’s you who’s in love with your girlfriend, not them. But if everybody thinks there’s something wrong with your girlfriend, perhaps they’re right. Don’t forget that third party opinions are usually more objective than yours.

2) Your girlfriend is a bit crazy/unstable or has major character flaws.
Remember…you don’t need any more emotional baggage in your life.

3) You’re trying too hard to change yourself for your girlfriend:
I’m sorry, but if you’re constantly trying to change yourself for your girlfriend, maybe you’re just not the right person for her.

4) You’re trying too hard to make your girlfriend care for you:
If you spend every moment obsessing over your girlfriend to keep her interested, you’re definitely not the right person for her.

5) You’re always arguing with your girlfriend:
Dating should be fun. So if you spent more time arguing with your girlfriend than having fun when you were dating, maybe it’s better to move on.

6) You feel you’ve lowered your standards for your girlfriend:
If you think you're "too good" for a woman, then raise your bar and find someone better.

7) You feel like it’s becoming a chore to take care of your girlfriend but you do not want to break up because you do not want to hurt her.

Guess what? You will eventually break up with her if you feel this way. Better to do it now.

8) You’re just with her because you're afraid of being single again.
So you would rather be in a bad relationship? Not a valid excuse.
Find a woman you're actually IN LOVE with instead!

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