1) She's Always Too Busy Too See You
Life is all about priorities. If a woman is always too busy to see you, but yet she has time to go shopping, hang out with her girlfriends, or even go for coffee with that cute guy at work, it's a sign you're not important in her life anymore.

2) She Gets Mad At You For Really, Really Stupid Things
A woman will often use "little excuses" to show her negative feelings towards you before a breakup. Nothing you do will be up to her standards, and she will find every opportunity to let you know you're not up to her standards. See this as a warning of what's to come.

3) She Screens You Out When You Call
If she stops answering your calls directly and lets you go right to her voicemail, it's a sign that she has stopped caring. If she really, really, really wanted to talk to you, don't you think she would have picked up?

4) Her Friends Suddenly Seem Distant
If her friends have always "liked" you in the past but are now all suddenly acting "distanced" whenever you're in their presence, it's a sign they may know something you don't know - such as you're about to get dumped.

5) You Fight All The Time Over Little Things
A little bit of fighting is okay in a relationship.
But if you fight ALL the time over the tiniest things, it's a sign the relationship is not going to work.

6) She Doesn't Hold Your Hand Anymore
If she does not want to show any affection in public, it's a sign the romantic feelings are gone. It won't be long before she dumps you.

7) She Has Stopped Having Sex
If she has stops having sex or getting physically intimate with you, that's another sign her attraction for you has dropped and you're about to get dumped.

8) She Doesn't Seem Attracted To You Anymore
Do you get the feeling that she's not that into you anymore? Guess what? Your intuition is probably right.

9) She Wants "Space"
If a woman asks for "space", it's a sign she's feeling suffocated by the relationship. Back off a bit and give her some space. If you push now, you will only push her into breaking up with you.

10) She Wants To See Other People
If a woman wants to "see other people", it's a sign the relationship is almost over. Don't believe in any of her excuses. The truth is, if she were still VERY attracted to you, she wouldn't even dream of seeing other people!

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