Here are some tips on how to deal with your girlfriend's family.

1) Be polite.
Always be polite to your girlfriend of date's family, even if they are agitating you. In retail, the customer is always right; in dating, your girlfriend's parents are always right.

2) Have a firm handshake.
Family members can often tell if a new boyfriend is a "loser" just from his handshake. Even if you're not a "loser", you still do not want to give the impression that you are. Shake hands with firmness and make eye contact.

3) Say something good about your girlfriend publicly.
Make sure you compliment your girlfriend in front of the family. Her parents will lick it up.

4) Repeat good things about her family.
If possible, repeat something positive that your girlfriend has said to you about a family member. This will prevent her family from thinking that she's going to "side" with you in the future.

5) Show respect.
Leave your cockiness or attitude behind. Show respect for every single family member - including the "stupid brother."

6) Compliment and act interested.
Compliment her family members and act interested in what they do. If her father is a military dad, then obviously, you've "always" wanted to join the military because you have respect for the honor and integrity soldiers have.

7) Don't argue religions or politics with her family.
When you're with her family, their beliefs are "right", no matter how stupid their beliefs really are.

8) Don't be afraid of "sucking up".
Don't be afraid of sucking up to her family a little. The point is to make her parents smile.

9) Play with the family pet or the children
If your girlfriend has a family pets or younger siblings, play with them. It's an excellent way of building rapport with her family!

Don't worry if these tips seem "wimpy". Remember you are trying to build rapport with her family, not attracting them sexually! Even if you ARE the devil, you don't want your girlfriend's family to KNOW you are the devil, do you?

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