Here's one simple dating rule:

At the beginning of a courtship or relationship, always try to bring a girl into your environment instead of going into her environment.

As a "Smart Dater", you should always be bringing a woman into YOUR reality, where you're the king of your own little realm.

When you're in your own environment, it makes it very easy to take control and "lead" a woman on a date.

But if you're in HER environment, SHE will have to lead YOU around, and it will be much harder for you to stand up and act like a man.

So for the first five dates, try to:
1) Take her to places you're familiar with.
2) Bring her back to your places instead of going to her places if possible.
3) Invite her to your pad.
4) Take her into your world to give her a glimpse of how you live your exciting life.
5) Introduce her to food and drinks that she has never tried before.
6) Be in control of yourself and what happens in your own environment.

If it is impossible to take her into your environment, then try to opt for a "neutral environment". But avoid going into her territory!

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