1. Make love on your lunch hour.
2. Tell your sweetheart that she is your best friend.
3. Go to Sunday brunch together.
4. Shop for furniture together.
5. Say something your sweetheart would like to hear.
6. After a fight, make up before going to sleep.
7. Organize your sweetheart's closet.
8. Sing to your sweetheart
9. Go to church together.
10. Fill up your sweetheart's gas tank.
11. Go to a play together.
12. Watch fireworks together.
13. Leave your sweetheart a message on his answering machine.
14. Offer to let your sweetheart have her choice of seat on an airplane.
15. Go to a concert together.
16. Make a family tree.
17. Renew your wedding vows.
18. Get tickets for you and your sweetheart to a taping of a TV show you both like.
19. Explore a cave together.
20. Join a club together.
21. Start traditions for you and your sweetheart
22. Read each other a story.
23. Shop for bargains together.
24. Make a list of predictions together.
25. Tell your sweetheart something that will make him feel important.
26. Go bowling together.
27. Pick berries together.
28. Write a letter to your unborn child together.
29. Visit your sweetheart at work.
30. Spontaneously call your sweetheart to say ''I love you.''
31. Draw your sweetheart a cartoon.
32. Take a hike together.
33. Prolong the gift-opening experience for your sweetheart. Instead of giving one gift, give many individually wrapped gifts.
34. Take a mud bath together.
35. Announce your milestone anniversary in the newspaper.
36. Buy your sweetheart a remote control compatible with the TV, VCR, and stereo.
37. Play tennis together.
38. Go to a carnival together.
39. Ask your sweetheart how his day went.
40. Offer to buy your sweetheart a drink.
41. Have the poster of your sweetheart's favorite movie framed for her.
42. Make breakfast in bed for your sweetheart.
43. Brag about your sweetheart.
44. Rent a limousine together.
45. Keep a photo album of you with your sweetheart.
46. Buy your sweetheart a book.
47. Join a softball team together.
48. Go jogging together.
49. Save the letters your sweetheart gives you.
50. Take skydiving lessons together.
51. Rent the video of the first movie you saw with your sweetheart and watch it again.
52. Surprise your sweetheart with the best champagne you can afford.
53. Watch sports together.
54. Go out for coffee together.
55. Give your sweetheart a pedicure.
56. Visit a foreign country together.
57. Start an aquarium together.
58. Let your sweetheart spend time with his friends.
59. Make a list of plans for the future.
60. Ask your sweetheart's friends and family for gift ideas.
61. Barbecue together.
62. Make a tape of your sweetheart's favorite music.
63. Rent a paddleboat together.
64. Go to the zoo together.
65. Watch a lightning storm together.
66. Be extra nice to your sweetheart when she has PMS.
67. If you support different candidates, bet dinner and a movie on who wins the election.
68. Get ice cream together.
69. Make up a nickname for your sweetheart.
70. Cook your sweetheart's favorite meal.
71. Insure your wedding rings.
72. If you make more money than your sweetheart, spend some of that extra money on the two of you.
73. Throw your sweetheart a surprise birthday party.
74. Hide a gift in a place where your sweetheart will eventually stumble upon it.
75. Cuddle with your sweetheart every day.
76. Wash your sweetheart's hair.
77. When your sweetheart misses a favorite TV show, tape it.
78. Go skinny-dipping together.
79. Have a picnic lunch together.
80. Make your sweetheart a sandwich and cut it in the shape of a heart.
81. Tell people how you met your sweetheart.
82. Have your hair cut the way your sweetheart likes it.
83. Walk on the beach together.
84. Take a martial arts class together.
85. Say ''bless you'' when your sweetheart sneezes.
86. Get your sweetheart a personalized bathrobe.
87. Go to the highest point in the city at night and look at the lights together.
88. Take an ocean cruise together.
89. Buy your sweetheart a basket of fruit.
90. Have a calendar made with photos of you and your sweetheart.
91. Do the laundry together.
92. Make a pact not to fight in front of anyone especially the kids.
93. Play footsie with your sweetheart.
94. Brush your sweetheart's hair.
95. Watch home movies together.
96. Learn how to play a musical instrument together.
97. Let the answering machine take your phone calls when you're spending time together.
98. Make pottery together.
99. Forgive your sweetheart for past mistakes.
100. Go parasailing together.

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