1. Watch TV all night together.
2. Keep a journal of your relationship.
3. Make hand- and footprints in wet cement together.
4. Buy your sweetheart some flavored coffees.
5. Listen to old albums, tapes, and compact discs together.
6. Order room service for your sweetheart.
7. Bring a cold drink when your sweetheart is mowing the lawn.
8. Play bingo together.
9. Have a photo taken of yourself for your sweetheart.
10. Go waterskiing together.

11. Buy your sweetheart a musical card.
12. Surprise your sweetheart with new carpeting. Have it put in while he is at work.
13. Rent out an RV for a road trip.
14. Wash the dog together.
15. When your sweetheart is sick, wait on her hand and foot.
16. Go swimming together.
17. Fluff up her pillow.
18. Buy your sweetheart some instant lottery tickets.
19. Make something out of wood for your sweetheart.
20. Pick your kids up after school together.
21. Whistle at your sweetheart.
22. Do a crossword puzzle together.
23. Go to the circus together.
24. Don't tell your sweetheart he has bad breath. Just offer him a piece of gum.
25. Take swimming lessons together.
26. Replace your sweetheart's old sneakers with brand-new ones.
27. Use the swings at a park together.
28. Take your sweetheart with you to conventions.
29. Put a message for your sweetheart on a billboard.
30. Go to a museum together.
31. Rent out water vehicles.
32. Buy your sweetheart a car phone.
33. Pick out a painting for the house together.
34. Get a physical on the same day.
35. Wrestle with your sweetheart.
36. Plan out your kid's birthday party together.
37. Play pool with your sweetheart.
38. Hide Easter baskets for each other.
39. Take a train ride together.
40. Buy your sweetheart a set of china.
41. Clean out the attic together.
42. Bring your sweetheart Chinese takeout.
43. Take a bungee jump together.
44. Light candles with your sweetheart.
45. Tag along when your sweetheart goes to a doctor appointment.
46. Buy your sweetheart some scented soaps.
47. Administer a home pregnancy test together.
48. Skip stones on the water together.
49. Steal a kiss from your sweetheart.
50. Tell your sweetheart that he is your hero.
51. Play raquetball together.
52. Type in a message for your sweetheart on his computer.
53. Build a gazebo together.
54. Watch a drag race together.
55. Send your sweetheart a telegram while you're out of town.
56. Get blue and pink toothbrushes for the two of you.
57. Sing in a choir together.
58. Watch a court case together.
59. Find things to give to charity together.
60. Get something repaired for your sweetheart.
61. Go to Lamaze classes together.
62. Go canoeing together.
63. Look at cloud formations together.
64. Shop for baby clothes together.
65. Tell your sweetheart that she is welcome to open your mail.
66. Start a greenhouse together.
67. Take an aerobics class together.
68. Go grocery shopping together.
69. Buy your sweetheart a music box.
70. Drive to work together.
71. Make your sweetheart a collage with pictures of the two of you.
72. When traveling abroad, buy your sweetheart a Cuban cigar.
73. Buy your sweetheart a subscription to a favorite publication.
74. Go out for breakfast together.
75. Dedicate a song on the radio to your sweetheart.
76. Have a personalized welcome mat made with both your names on it.
77. Do the dishes together.
78. Rent a hotel room together.
79. Build a sand castle together.
80. Buy your sweetheart jewelry with her birthstone.
81. Go out for lunch together.
82. Bite your sweetheart's ear.
83. Play a slot machine together.
84. Do your taxes together.
85. Have an ultrasound done of your unborn baby.
86. Rearrange the furniture together.
87. Buy your sweetheart a toolbox.
88. Go to an auction together.
89. Shop for a home together.
90. Buy your sweetheart an imported bottle of wine.
91. Make beer or wine together.
92. Watch an air show together.
93. Reserve your old honeymoon suite for your anniversary.
94. Exercise together.
95. Make caramel apples together.
96. Jump on a trampoline together.
97. Read your horoscopes together.
98. Learn first aid together.
99. Wash your sweetheart's car.
100. Sing karaoke together.

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