1. Buy your sweetheart an assortment of imported beers.
2. Keep a large picture of your sweetheart in your office.
3. Learn magic tricks and perform them for your sweetheart.
4. Meet on your lunch hours.
5. Go to garage sales together.
6. Go scuba diving together.
7. Keep your anniversary and your sweetheart's birthday marked on your calendar.
8. Share the bathroom.
9. Start a business together.
10. Keep a consistent dinnertime for you and your sweetheart.

11. Make your sweetheart a card.
12. Buy your sweetheart a new pair of slippers.
13. Take a nap together.
14. Visit sick people in the hospital together.
15. Go to a pancake breakfast together.
16. Get tattoos of each other's names.
17. Attend a weight-loss program together.
18. Go for a ride in a hot air balloon together.
19. Go bike riding together.
20. Build a fire for you and your sweetheart.
21. Throw a family reunion.
22. Start a garden together.
23. Bring your sweetheart something from a bakery.
24. Shoot targets together.
25. Get married.
26. Go window shopping together.
27. Snow ski together.
28. Kiss your sweetheart when the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve.
29. Lend your sweetheart as much money as she wants.
30. Make a time capsule together.
31. Go rollerblading together.
32. Buy your sweetheart a radar detector.
33. Share a blanket.
34. Surprise your sweetheart with a preplanned vacation for the two of you.
35. Leave a note in your sweetheart's business papers or on the bedpost.
36. Go out dancing together.
37. Go to a parade.
38. Plant a tree together.
39. Buy your sweetheart music that was popular when the two of you met.
40. Make your sweetheart this special dessert: a big brownie topped with a scoop of ice cream and hot fudge.
41. Clean the garage together.
42. Go to a toy store together.
43. Play an April Fool's joke on your sweetheart.
244. Decorate the Christmas tree together.
45. Go camping together.
46. Use a sauna together.
47. Go Christmas caroling together.
48. Have a gift shipped to your sweetheart.
49. Feed ducks together.
50. Start a hobby together.
51. Adopt a pet together.
52. Rake leaves together.
53. Look at old photos together.
54. Give your sweetheart some lingerie.
55. Buy your sweetheart a watch.
56. Have a return address stamper made with both your names on it.
57. Play cards together.
58. Surprise your sweetheart with a gift in the middle of dinner.
59. Have a song you and your sweetheart can call ''our song.''
60. Run through sprinklers together.
61. Watch Saturday morning cartoons together.
62. Hold a door open for your sweetheart.
63. Carry your sweetheart's books or bags.
64. Have a baby.
65. Clip coupons together.
66. Enter a contest together.
67. Get a professional massage together.
68. Share an umbrella with your sweetheart.
69. Go back to the place(s) where you had your first date.
70. Use your sweetheart's name in a song as you sing it.
71. Make up a wedding guest list together.
72. Vote together.
73. Tickle your sweetheart.
74. Draw a bath for your sweetheart.
75. Ride a tandem bicycle together.
76. Use both of your voices on your answering machine greeting.
77. Get the oil changed in your sweetheart's car
78. Compliment a part of your sweetheart's body.
79. Shop for a car together.
80. Knit your sweetheart a sweater.
81. Buy your sweetheart a box of chocolates.
82. Take surfing lessons together.
83. Bake your sweetheart some cookies.
84. Set up a joint checking account.
85. Write "I love you" in the sand to your sweetheart.
86. Go sailing together.
87. Read the newspaper together.
88. Recycle together.
89. Squeeze a glass of fresh orange juice for your sweetheart.
90. Make your sweetheart the beneficiary of your life insurance policy.
91. Dance together at home.
92. Don't wake up your snoring sweetheart. Find somewhere else to sleep that night.
93. Give blood together.
94. Make pancakes with fruit in them for your sweetheart.
95. Climb a tree together.
96. Make snow angels together.
97. Watch free movies at a local college together.
98. Pick out your sweetheart's eyeglasses together.
99. Make popcorn for the two of you.
100. Play croquet.

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