1. Share a soft drink.
2. Try to get a job that allows you and your sweetheart to work together.
3. Get personalized champagne glasses for you and your sweetheart.
4. Buy a treadmill for the two of you.
5. Go to the Olympics together.
6. Pay your sweetheart's credit card bill.
7. Buy your sweetheart a tie.
8. Take part in a festival together.
9. Go ice skating together.
10. Ride a ferris wheel together.

11. Make sure you get the first slow dance with your sweetheart.
12. Thank your sweetheart for something.
13. Make s'mores with your sweetheart.
14. Make your sweetheart the sole heir of your will.
15. Buy your sweetheart a membership in a fan club.
16. Fly a kite together.
17. Pick some wildflowers for your sweetheart.
18. Shave your sweetheart's legs.
19. Ride a waterslide together.
20. Adopt a child together.
21. Shop for bathing suits together.
22. In addition to giving your sweetheart a birthday gift, give his mother a gift in appreciation for giving birth to him.
23. Go to Mardi Gras together.
24. Walk the dog together.
25. Have your work or school schedules coincide as much as possible.
26. Go to a drive-in movie together.
27. Buy your sweetheart a beer stein.
28. Buy him a moustache-grooming set.
29. Shovel snow together.
30. Take a boat ride together.
31. Give out Halloween candy together.
32. Buy your sweetheart personalized golf balls.
33. Paint your sweetheart's nails.
34. Have a garage sale together.
35. Learn a second language together.
36. Replace the windshield wipers on your sweetheart's car with winter wipers.
37. Play fetch with the dog.
38. Give your sweetheart your frequent flyer miles.
39. Before your sweetheart goes shopping, give him some money to buy something nice.
40. Tell your sweetheart that he has nice legs.
41. Take a bath together.
42. Buy your sweetheart a big plant.
43. Do yard work together.
44. Have a pillow fight with your sweetheart.
45. Decorate your sweetheart's office on a special day.
46. When you sign up for a video rental membership, sign up your sweetheart as well.
47. Make a milkshake for your sweetheart.
48. Buy your sweetheart a proof set of coins from the year you married.
49. Have something for dinner that you and your sweetheart haven't had in a long time.
50. Play together on a teeter-totter.
51. Personalize the mailbox with your names.
52. Make your sweetheart a glass of chocolate milk.
53. Play shuffleboard together.
54. Decorate Easter eggs together.
55. Let your sweetheart win an argument.
56. Play darts together.
57. Keep your sweetheart's medical information in your wallet.
58. Rub suntan lotion on each other.
59. Play catch together.
60. Write your sweetheart a message on the toilet paper roll.
61. Have a snowball fight.
62. Instead of dropping your sweetheart off at the airport, stay until she boards the plane.
63. Consider writing your own wedding vows.
64. Play with your sweetheart's hair.
65. Play miniature golf together.
66. Watch the news together.
67. Hold on to your sweetheart when you walk across ice.
68. Make a point each day to give some of your extra time to your sweetheart.
69. Have new tires put on your sweetheart's car.
70. Have your hair dyed together.
71. Do stretches together.
72. Give your sweetheart a haircut.
73. Buy your sweetheart an easy chair.
74. Volunteer to be Santa and Mrs. Claus for children.
75. Get your sweetheart something from the kitchen during commercials.
76. Buy your sweetheart some allergy medicine.
77. Go rollerskating together.
78. Catch fireflies together.
79. When your sweetheart is tired, volunteer to change the baby's diaper.
80. Buy your sweetheart his favorite music video.
81. Visit historic sites together.
82. Get your fortune told together.
83. Wink at your sweetheart
84. Play a musical instrument for your sweetheart.
85. When your sweetheart has a cold, buy extra soft tissues that have lotion in them.
86. Start a daily regimen of taking vitamins.
87. Buy a toy or treat for your sweetheart's pet.
88. Buy bean bags for the two of you.
89. Remodel your kitchen together.
90. Buy your sweetheart a sports cap of his favorite team.
91. Share a stick of gum with your sweetheart.
92. Do a jigsaw puzzle together.
93. Make one of your sweetheart's dreams come true.
94. Make hot chocolate for your sweetheart.
95. Let your sweetheart hog the bed.
96. Take dance lessons together.
97. Make sure your sweetheart's bags are packed when she is very pregnant.
98. Let your sweetheart think she is ''the boss.''

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