1. Be yourself with your sweetheart
2. Be honest with your sweetheart
3. Wear the same kind of sweatshirts.
4. Have faith that the two of you will always be together.
5. Mention to your sweetheart how great he looks.
6. Tell your sweetheart a joke.

7. Call in sick together.
8. Take a helicopter ride with your sweetheart.
9. Light fireworks together.
10. Use the numbers of your sweetheart's birthday as your lottery numbers.
11. Get your wedding bands cleaned together.
12. Buy your sweetheart a bottle of her favorite perfume.
13. Offer to be the designated driver when you and your sweetheart go out.
14. Buy your sweetheart a stuffed animal.
15. Go on a hayride together.
16. Go fishing together.
17. Save up enough money for you and your sweetheart to go to Disney World.
18. Give each other a back rub.
19. Buy your sweetheart a magazine.
20. Openly recognize the fact that your sweetheart is intelligent.
21. Sunbathe together.
22. Tell your sweetheart you'd marry him all over again.
23. President Harry Truman mailed his wife a letter every night he spent away; do the same for your sweetheart.
24. Pinch your sweetheart's butt.
25. Watch planes take off and land together.
26. Pray together.
27. Tell your sweetheart about a dream you had.
28. Have flowers sent to your sweetheart at work.
29. Celebrate your anniversary monthly.
30. Play a board game together.
31. Make sure your sweetheart's car is well maintained.
32. Look through an antique store together.
33. Buy your sweetheart a king-sized pillow.
34. Write to your sweetheart's favorite celebrity for an autographed photo.
35. Play frisbee together.
36. Smile at your sweetheart.
37. Look in old newspapers to find out what was happening on the day the two of you met.
38. Buy your sweetheart a dress for a future date.
39. Go snowmobiling together.
40. Give your sweetheart a foot massage.
41. Draw a picture for your sweetheart
42. Visit your sweetheart's parents.
43. Carve your names in a tree.
44. Tell your sweetheart how lucky you are that she is with you.
45. Ask your sweetheart how her friends are doing.
46. Drop your sweetheart off at a store's entrance and park the car by yourself.
47. Fill a videotape with episodes of your sweetheart's favorite TV show.
48. Go out for dessert together.
49. Have a picture taken with your sweetheart in a photo booth.
50. Give credit to your sweetheart for supporting you when you achieve something.
51. Wear matching outfits.
52. Write your sweetheart a poem.
53. Leave a rose on your sweetheart's pillow.
54. Fax a note to your sweetheart at work.
55. Paint watercolors together.
56. Take a drive through the country together.
57. Tell your sweetheart that he is better-looking than the day the two of you met.
58. Surprise your sweetheart with a candlelight dinner.
59. Tell your sweetheart that meeting him was
the main event of your life.
60. Keep your sweetheart's picture in your wallet.
61. Enter a drawing for a prize together.
62. Go bird-watching together.
63. Take part in your sweetheart's aspirations.
64. Do some of your sweetheart's usual chores.
65. Offer to help your sweetheart study.
66. Watch the sunset or sunrise together.
67. Say ''I love you'' to your sweetheart at least once a day.
68. Play a video game together.
69. Tell your sweethearts she has a perfect face.
70. Make your sweetheart a big lunch.
71. Have a good sense of humor when your sweetheart teases you.
72. Make a home movie together.
73. Hold hands with your sweetheart.
74. Stay up all night watching a movie trilogy together.
75. Follow your sweetheart's family traditions.
76. Go Christmas shopping together.
77. Buy your sweetheart a treat when you pay for gasoline.
78. Take your sweetheart to his favorite restaurant
79. Tell your sweetheart that she means more to you than anything in the world.
80. Touch your sweetheart as often as possible.
81. Go golfing together.
82. Go out for pizza together.
83. Look at stars together.
84. Throw a boomerang together.
85. Secretly work a second job and use the extra money to surprise your sweetheart with a special gift.
86. Have a professional photo taken of you with your sweetheart.
87. Draw up coupons redeemable for whatever your sweetheart likes.
88. Go out for doughnuts together.
89. Put in a front porch swing.
90. Go white-water rafting together.
91. Buy your sweetheart a favorite compact disc.
92. Climb a mountain together.
93. Go horseback riding together.
94. Make a list of baby names together.
95. Wear the brand of cologne your sweetheart likes.
96. Build each other a snowman.
97. Plan out quality time for you and your sweetheart.
98. Take a road trip together.
99. Be with your sweetheart when she gives birth.
100. Volunteer for a charity together.

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