I’m going to make it clear that I do NOT like long-distance relationships. In my experience, distance ALWAYS kills attraction, and most long distance relationships DO fail.

So unless you’ve already been going out with a girl for a LONG time, do NOT start a long distance relationship with her.

At the end of the day, the outcome of your long distance relationship will depend on mutual attraction.

If your attraction for her falls, then you won't want to have a long-distance with her anymore. The same goes for her. If her attraction for you falls too low, she won't want to commit in a long-distance relationship either.

She’ll probably start screwing around with other guys behind your back. How well she behaves while you’re away will mostly depend on how much she is attracted to you.

Loyalty is also important.

Some girls are more loyal than others.

HOWEVER, I wouldn't count on this one because it's out of your control.

The ONLY thing you can do to protect yourself against disloyal women is by NOT dating them in the first place. Do you see why I always tell my guys to be picky about the women they date now?

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