The Attraction Factor is the most important factor of the Smart Dating System. In order for a woman to want to go out with you, she must FEEL attraction for you.

This is a simple concept that most guys brush off as “common sense”. But in my years of experience as a dating coach, at least 70 percent of guys fail to truly understand it. They either do not have the discipline to follow this simple rule or they choose to ignore it. (See the “Reality Factor”.)

Since the topic of “attraction” has already been thoroughly discussed in so many of my ebooks and also on my free newsletter, I’m not going to give another lengthy lecture here. (If you wish to learn more about attraction, just read the tips on my newsletter.) But here’s a quick quiz I’ve come up
with to test if you understand what “attraction” really means.

1) Do you flirt with women instead of buying them gifts?
2) Do you always focus on a woman’s attraction towards you rather than your own attraction towards her?
3) Do you like saying “no” to a girl you like?
4) Are you an openly sexual person?
5) Do you present yourself as a challenge to women?
6) Do you usually have most of the power in a relationship or courtship?
7) Do you focus on what she does instead of what she says?
8) Do you think that lust or primal attraction is important in a courtship?
9) Do you enjoy raising the sexual tension even though the feeling of uncertainty may feel uncomfortable to you?
10) Do you have the guts to walk away from the girl you love?

If you have answered “no” to any of the questions listed above, you still have a lot of things to work on before you can have true success with women.

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