Would you like to have more control over your love life? If so, you’ll have to start being more responsible for your own actions.

Here's the magical formula of life: Control = Responsibility.

The two are inseparable.

If you want more power, then you’ll have to be more responsible. It's as simple as that. At school, if you want to join the student council, you've got to volunteer to stay after school. At work, if you want to get a promotion, then you’ve got to show your boss what you’re capable of.

In business, the more money you want to make, the harder and smarter you have to work. In politics, the more power you have, the more responsibilities you'll have to carry for your country.

Dating is no different.

If you want to demand more, then you must first start by GIVING more. You must first understand that YOU alone are what makes you ATTRACTIVE or UNATTRACTIVE.

Every action you make will either make a girl like you more or like you less.

It's not your luck, it's not the environment, it's not "the other guy"… it's YOU.

Nobody but YOU.


If you want to have more control over your love live, then you better start accepting responsibility for your own problems NOW.

For example...

1) If your girlfriend has left you for another guy, don't blame the other guy for stealing her. It's YOUR own fault for losing her. If she was REALLY attracted to you, NOBODY could have stolen her away from you.

2) If women always keep telling you that they like you as a "friend", don't whine about it. It's YOUR own fault for not developing enough chemistry with women.

3) If you never go out and meet women, then don't complain about not having a girlfriend. It's your own fault for not expanding your social circle.
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4) If you can't hold a conversation, don't whine about your shyness. PRACTICE your conversation skills.

5) If you don't know how to attract women, then LEARN.

The moment you neglect your responsibilities as a real MAN, your love life is going to suffer!

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