Before you go ahead and kiss someone, you have to ask yourself: is it an appropriate situation to kiss this person and is the timing appropriate?

If you don’t think about this, you may lack sensitivity towards the person you are trying to kiss and may be left with a red face or with the chance of rejection, embarrassment, ruined friendships and hurt feelings.

Just because you have feelings for someone doesn’t mean they have to feel the same way back. You can’t just kiss someone because you want to, especially if they have already let you know they just want to remain friends. It may ruin your friendship because they’ll feel you don’t respect them. They may feel awkward around you because they’ll wonder if you will do it again. If someone has told you they just want to be friends, they are setting boundaries. If you want to maintain that friendship, you will need to respect those boundaries. It may also make other friends feel uncomfortable around you if they think you might try to kiss them, too.

Never kiss someone if they are in a relationship with someone else. Not only is this highly inappropriate, but there is a sure chance you will get rejected by them, which will only end up bruising your ego, confidence and reputation. You might also get a punch in the face by their partner. It’s not really worth the risk.

Kissing in public is acceptable to a point. A kiss on the cheek or a quick peck on the lips is okay but a full make-out session will not only embarrass the person you are kissing but also others around you. It is rude to people around you because it makes them feel uncomfortable.

Kissing someone to get revenge on someone else for not kissing you or for breaking up with you doesn’t really work. It doesn’t make them wish they kissed you. It throws away any last piece of respect that they had for you. It will also hurt the person you are kissing now if they find out. You should never use someone like that to get back at someone. That is a betrayal of their feelings as well as a cruel thing to do. Other people that know you will see what you are doing and will quickly lose respect for you. As tempting as it is, you shouldn’t do it. Your motivation to kiss someone should always be genuine.

Just because everyone else is kissing people and telling you that you should, doesn’t mean you have to. Have pride in yourself and don’t give in to the pressure from others. It should be a personal choice, and ideally it will have feeling.

If the other person is feeling unwell, the last thing they want to be doing is kissing someone. It is times like this that you need to be sympathetic and supportive. There is a good chance that in doing this that you will strengthen their feelings for you. After all, there is plenty of time. They may want sympathy, not someone coming along just to get what they want. Have a little patience. After all, good things come to those who wait.

When you over indulge at a party and end up vomiting, try not to kiss anyone, especially the person that was rubbing your back to help you out. Having a little too much to drink and being sick can be a slightly emotional time, but you shouldn’t misinterpret someone holding your hair back as them wanting to get intimate with you. And the last thing they will want to be rewarded with is a big sloppy kiss. Resist the temptation. I have a feeling they will thank you for it. You also don’t want to be known as the person to stay away from at parties because you try to kiss everyone.

If the other person is drunk and you are sober, it probably isn’t the best time to kiss them. They could become angry at you for two reasons: (1) they didn’t want to kiss you and feel like you took advantage, or (2) they wanted to kiss you but when they could remember what it was like.

If you have anything contagious such as a disease, virus, or even the common cold, definitely do not kiss anyone. Think how horrible it feels to have it yourself and ask yourself if it is fair to inflict this pain onto someone else. This person may also be a little angry with you when their symptoms start to show and they know you gave it to them when you had a choice. You may kiss goodbye to any chance or future kissing you had with them when you could have just waited till you were better.
No matter how well you get on with their family, don’t give your partner a big wet kiss right in front of them. There are some things that family really don’t need to see, and a passionate French kiss is one of them. Even though kissing is a form of showing someone you like them, your partner’s parents may not like the sight of you kissing their child. In fact, it may just get the opposite reaction. It may show an enormous amount of disrespect. Control yourself. If you really feel the need, a small kiss is appropriate. You don’t want to give grandma a heart attack.

When someone is sad, from the death of a family member for example, it is nice to give them little kisses to show you care and that you are there for them, but nothing more. Someone is sad, and you should never take advantage of their state and situation. There will be time later for a little more excitement. Also, when they are angry at you, you may find it a turn-on, but it will just infuriate them more if you try to kiss them now. Wait till things have calmed down and you can have a make-up kiss.

Just played sport? You’re probably gross and sweaty, so a little peck is all right, but anything more means the other person won’t be enjoying that salty taste. YUCK!! If you are getting close, they won’t want you touching them. This is especially true if the other person is clean. Consider the smell as well. Sorry to say, sweaty kisses are a huge turn off.

If your girlfriend has just done herself up to go out, she wants to look nice - probably for you. If you kiss her then, it will just smudge her make-up over both of you. This will probably make her angry because she has just put the effort into looking nice and it’s like you don’t care. Now you will probably get annoyed because she will have to spend more time fixing it up. Kisses are lovely, but you need to consider the practicalities.

Don’t kiss in front of friends if either person feels uncomfortable. Not everybody is into public displays of affection. They often have a reason for it: perhaps they will get hassled later by their friends, or they feel it is something you should share when no one else is around.
You may want to kiss someone that is eating, but wait till they are finished. You don’t want to compete with a mouth full of food, especially at the risk of some slipping out the corner of their mouth. This will just embarrass the both of you. On the other hand, sharing certain foods (like chocolate or strawberries) with your mouth can be exciting.

Just kissed your pet? Don’t even think about kissing someone, especially if they saw it. They might as well just kissed the pet themselves. Pets have germs in their mouths (as do humans), so if you kiss, say, your dog, then try to kiss someone, it’s like you are transferring germs.

If someone is halfway through a sentence, don’t pucker up and go in for the kill. This is rude and disrespectful. It’s like you haven’t been listening to them the entire time they were talking, or that you aren’t interested in what they have to say. It can also look like you are only after the one thing, because you aren’t interested in what they have to say, then you don’t care about their personality. Wait until they have finished speaking before you kiss them.

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