If you take the time to think about things from a different perspective it shouldn’t be too hard to pick up on the subtle hints that body language gives away. If you try and think of things from your partner’s perspective you should be able to quickly identify what their intentions are. This will get easier as you get to know them better.

If someone is reacting negatively to your kiss and they pull away or resist, DO NOT try to continue kissing them. Respect them and their feelings. Don’t try to do something to them that it is obvious they don’t want you to do. A stolen kiss has nowhere near as much fulfilment as a kiss freely given. If you do put pressure on them to continue kissing, they will more than likely lose respect for you and their feelings towards you will change - and not for the better. How would you feel if someone kept trying to kiss you when you had made it clear that you didn’t want to kiss?

On the other hand, if someone is reacting positively to your kisses, then by all means don’t stop. Keep them happy and coming back for more. If you stop now, you will just confuse them, and they may even feel used. They may also feel embarrassed for showing their true feelings, because they may think that you don’t actually like them if you stop all of a sudden - unless there is a good reason of course! This will make them feel used. Feelings are funny things, and people need reassurance that you feel the same way. So continue kissing them and follow their advancements and let it flow naturally.

As far as you feel comfortable, the situation goes the other way as well. Just because you kissed them doesn’t mean you have to go any further if you don’t feel comfortable with the situation. You may start to resent the other person if you just go ahead with it just because they want to. Listen to your feelings and don’t be scared to share them. Your feelings are valid and deserve to be heard. If you like your partner and they like you, they will respect your feelings and support you.

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