A kiss can mean so much to someone. It is a gesture that can mean more than words and leave people with mixed feelings: confused, happy, excited, turned on, mad, or awkward. Sadly, sometimes a kiss can’t just be a kiss and left at that. Sometimes after you have kissed someone, you may think it would have been easier not to kiss them than to deal with everything affected by the kiss.

A kiss can take your relationship to the next level, whether you were only friends to begin with or had entered into a relationship together. If you were only friends to begin with and you shared a kiss, you will need to talk about the fact that you may have feelings for each other and maybe you want to be more than friends. If you kiss someone you don’t have feelings for, then you will need to let them know so they don’t expect any more from you.

When you just start a relationship with someone and haven’t kissed them yet, the first kiss takes you both to the next level. It confirms your feelings for each other and confirms your relationship. In a way, it is a huge weight off your shoulders once you have your first kiss in a relationship. You can finally feel comfortable with each other because there is no pressure on anyone to make the first move.

A gesture is sometimes an easier way to express a feeling or a thought than words. Sometimes you can’t find the words to express to someone that you like them, but with a kiss it is all said for you. A kiss is generally saved for someone special, so, of course, it is going to have feeling behind it.
For the receiver of a kiss, it can open up a basket of feelings. This is especially true if the kiss was unexpected. All of a sudden, you are confronted with the fact that someone has feelings or an attraction towards you. If you feel the same way, then that is fine. But if it has come as a real surprise, then you will have some feelings to work through. The other person had time to think about feelings because they knew this kiss was coming. You may not have known so haven’t really had time to process your thoughts and feelings.

For some religious or cultural reasons, some people may find a kiss offensive or serious. Talk to the person you are kissing if they are religious and start to get stressed out. Don’t put any pressure on them to continue if this is something they don’t want. Take the time to sit down and talk about your boundaries and show some respect. This is the way to communicate openly and show mutual respect for each other.

Behind any kiss there are so many emotions. When it is a kiss with someone you really like, you have probably wanted to kiss them for a long time now. You have been thinking it over and over in your head, picturing exactly how you would do it. I bet you have also played over the scenario that they are rejecting your kiss.

Two people become one when they share a kiss, and it is something special. You are also entering into someone’s space and allowing them to enter into yours. It can mean a lot to let this happen, and it is a gesture that means so much more than words.

Sometimes a kiss can affect more than the two people involved. If someone really likes either of you and wants to be the one kissing you, it will affect them. Try not to kiss each other right in front of this person. Think of how their feelings will be hurt witnessing you kiss someone else. They may even turn nasty on you. Also, ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends might be offended seeing you kiss other people. The effect can also be good, though. Friends will find out and want the details, but more than anything they will be happy for you.

A kiss is also what initiates sex in many instances. This is not something you learn; it is something you feel. But you need to be clear that the other person is feeling the same way. Don’t get too carried away and be kissing frantically when the other person was feeling quite comfortable with the way things were moving. This can be hard for you both if you misread any signs. Take time out to make sure both parties are happy at the stage you are at.

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