1. You pull away, and they look shocked and have a blank look on their face.

Tip: This is a natural reaction for most people. More than likely, they will be happy, because if they were angry or uncomfortable they would have that look on their face straight away.

2. They kiss you back then pull away, but are still holding or touching you.

Tip: They like you, too, and they want this kiss to happen, but maybe they are confused about the situation. Is there a reason why they shouldn’t be kissing you? eg. a partner.

3. They get embarrassed and turn their head away when you try to kiss them, but they don’t move away from you.

Tip: By not moving away from you, they do want to kiss you and feel comfortable around you. Just like anyone in their situation, they obviously feel a little nervous of the kiss. Take control of the situation. Be calm; this will also help them be calm.

4. They squeeze your hand a little when they pull away.

Tip: A little squeeze will mean they are happy you kissed them.

5. They don’t look at you but stay with you.

Tip: People naturally look away when they are embarrassed or nervous

6. Go to another room but return.
Tip: They just need to go to another room to have some space to think about what just happened. If it was a complete surprise to them, they may just need a second to get their head around it. If they return, it is a good sign that they feel the same.

7. They laugh afterwards.
Tip: Again, some people laugh as a natural reaction. They are happy about the kiss, because someone that is angry or uncomfortable does not laugh.

8. They kissed you for quite a while, but are now pushing you away.

Tip: They kissed you back, so obviously they like you, but by pushing you they may just want to check your reaction or they want to stop for the moment for some reason.

9. They get flustered when you kiss them, and they don’t kiss you back but they smile at you.

Tip: They were obviously caught by surprise, but are happy that you kissed them.

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