If evil were behind life, this would be a sad world, indeed. As bad as it can get here, there are probably few people that feel that evil is what is behind this world. Certainly few want evil to be behind this world, and that’s a good sign. Something in us wants and gravitates toward goodness, not evil. Negativity tugs at us and even grabs hold of us at times, but something else continually pulls us toward the opposite, toward love.

Just as darkness is the absence of light, evil is the absence of love. Evil isn’t a reality itself but the result of the absence of contact with Reality, with what is true—love. Evil is the result of being divorced from our true nature, being very, very divorced, so divorced that someone might not even believe in love because he or she has so much fear and so much difficulty feeling love. Such deep separation is a frightening and lost place.

The spectrum of life is a spectrum of love: On one end is pure love and the experience of oneness
with all life, and on the other end is the absence of love and the experience of complete separation and fear. What exists in the absence of love is fear, and fear can produce hateful acts.

Those who are lost in the deepest separation need our love and compassion; and yet, they are the
ones who are most difficult to love. Nevertheless, no one is ever irretrievable. All eventually return to love.

This journey on earth, which takes many, many lifetimes, is a return to love and a rediscovery of our
oneness with all, in fact, of our true nature as Oneness. The journey is a beautiful one because it
ends in love. It takes us away from separation and returns us to unity. This is surely evidence that love is behind all Life. We evolve from feeling very separate to realizing our oneness with all life. What a wonderful discovery and ending to this adventure called life. Life is good.

How do I know this? You don’t have to take my word for it. Many, many have gone before us, and
this is what they report and have reported. These individuals are the ones we revere as saints, spiritual
masters, avatars, and founders of our religions. We revere them because we want the peace, love, and
wisdom that they embody. We want peace, love, and wisdom because these are what bring meaning and joy to life. Why?

Because peace, love, and wisdom are what is behind life. We don’t revere murderers and rapists or those who torture, maim, and steal from others. Why? Because we know what’s true and good when we see it. We just know it. All societies value love. Love not only helps us survive by making it possible to cooperate with others, but love feels good; it just feels right. We know the rightness of love, and that is why we can trust life. Life is all about love.

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