We have everything we need because all we need is love, and everyone has an unlimited supply of that. Not everyone may feel love, but it is always there and available to give to others.

The way we experience the unlimited supply of love is by giving it away. That is counter-intuitive,
which is why it may seem like there isn't enough love. When we believe we need to get love from
outside ourselves, that sense of lack stops the love flowing from inside us to others. Believing that you need love becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy: You believe you need love because you aren't
experiencing it, and in trying to get it, you fail to give it, so you don't experience it. You can't really do two things at once: If you are relating to someone, you are either giving your attention (love) to that person or trying to get something from that person. You are either in Essence (giving attention) or in ego (trying to get attention). These are very different states of consciousness, and they result in very different experiences.

The experience of being in ego is an experience of lack. The ego never has enough of anything,
including love. So the ego looks outside itself to try to get what it feels it lacks. The ego tries to
manipulate the world to fill its desires and so-called needs.

The experience of being aligned with our true nature, or Essence, on the other hand, is an experience of fullness. If Essence has a need, it would be to give love, to attend fully to whatever is happening right now in the present moment. Being in Essence is an experience of loving whatever is arising and giving attention to that out of love for it. When we do that, we fall in love with life. And when
we are in love with life and with the present moment, there is a natural movement outward to
give to or support whatever is showing up in life.

That flow of love and attention toward life is the experience of love that everyone is looking for. It is
always possible to give attention and love to whatever is showing up in our life. It is a simple choice, but not so easy to do. The ego doesn't value doing that.

It doesn't believe that doing that will get it what it wants.

The irony is that giving love and attention to whatever is showing up in our life is exactly what gets us what we want, and doing what the ego thinks will make it happy results in the opposite. Life is a little like Alice's experience in Wonderland: Everything is backwards. However, once you realize that secret about life, your experience of the world changes. Life becomes bountiful and supportive rather than lacking and unkind. The kindness that flows from you creates a kind world, not only for you, but also for others. All you need is love—and you already have plenty of that to give!

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