I don’t mean to imply that you should throw out logic or disregard the attributes you find appealing in a potential partner. But you heard it from someone, from women who have been astounded to find that when they stopped looking for what they thought they wanted, they suddenly found what really makes them happy. What they discovered is that intuition and brilliant sanity offer greater awareness of what is really going on with a potential partner and of how that person could impact you in the future.

Sometimes people worry that if they pay attention to their dreams and their intuition, they will learn things they would rather not know and will have to make decisions they would rather not make. This
dread of inner truth is counterproductive and unnecessary. You are free to make any choices you like and to add up all the different elements involved to determine what you feel and what you want.
It is to your advantage, however, to consciously add your intuitive feelings into the mix as you make decisions. Your brilliant sanity and your intuition will minimize the damage of a disappointing experience and let you bounce back and into the arms of real love that much faster. Your deeper awareness will also help to give you a heads-up if you find yourself in one of those relationships where everything looks right and everything feels wrong. Learn to trust your gut and listen to the quiet voice inside that has no agenda except your happiness. This isn’t a matter of making wild decisions on a whim—it is a matter of paying attention to what a part of you already knows and benefiting from that knowledge.

Clear Your Intuitive Radar

Sometimes students and clients will tell me that their intuition does not work. They say they have absolutely no intuition at all or that it sometimes points them in the wrong direction. I believe that intuition is innate, associated with our survival instincts and a rapid-fire ability to recognize patterns
with only minimal cues. This ability is always with us, and it does not get broken. However, like any kind of information- processing system, it can be clogged or blurred, and emotion and worry can overwhelm the ability to interpret subtle awareness.

I offer a statement to clients who feel they are out of sync with their intuition. You can read it aloud once a day to clear away the sense of being separated from your ability to discern clearly. Feel free to alter the wording to suit your style or your personal faith.

Clearing Statement

I accept the power and the clarity of my intuitive abilities. These are natural abilities that are a normal part of life and are not extraordinary or too much to hope for. I forgive any misunderstandings in my past related to the idea of intuition and embrace this potential in myself. All creatures in nature
have a kind of intuition and instinct, and I am a part of nature. Whether or not I have been aware of it, I possess an unerring instinct for life. I accept my instinct for survival and my intuition for happiness. I know when something or someone is good for me and is life affirming, and I know when something
is not right for me, too. I am building my relationship with this inner brilliance on a daily basis, understanding the signals and the voice of my intuition. By understanding how this feels and what it is like, I will be able to recognize my intuition before there is an urgent matter and emotions run
high. I clear away any misperceptions, any illusions, and any false ideas now. I see clearly, I feel clearly, and I listen to my inner wisdom. I am free to make wise choices and to weigh my perceptions as I see fit. I am free. I am wise. I am whole. The truth empowers me and hurts no one.

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