Love can be expressed in different ways. Others prefer to do a hand written letters. Isn't it sweet and romantic to received a love letter from you loveones?

If you are looking for a creative way to surprise and make your love one happy, here are ways to make it even more wonderful and romantic.

  1. Leave a love letter inside the box of laundry detergent to make the washing less of a chore. 
  2. 􀀐In the middle of the night, tape your love letter inside the bedroom window. In the morning ask her to open the blinds for a big surprise. 􀀐
  3. Stuff your love letter inside his winter gloves. Sure to warm his heart.
  4. Celebrate your love on the 14th of every month with a love letter. 
  5. Tape a love letter to the ceiling over the bed. Let your lover discover it when they awaken. 
  6. If you’re lover’s staying overnight at a hotel, fax a love letter so they’ll get it when they check in. There’s nothing better to make your lover feel the warmth of your touch when all alone on the road. 
  7. Place your love letter inside a zip-lock plastic bag and set it next to the shampoo or soap in the shower. 
  8. Have your love letter hand delivered by messenger or sent by a courier service for same day delivery. 
  9. Antique your love letter by carefully burning the edges.
  10. Then tie your love letter with ribbon like a scroll.
  11. Print your love letter on heavy stock paper. Cut it into puzzle pieces for your lover to put together. They’ll have to put forth a bit of extra effort.
  12. Have your love letter written using a Calligraphy pen on elegant parchment paper, have it bordered in lace and frame it. Give it as a gift. 
  13. Cross stitch your love letter onto a boudoir pillow. 
  14. Decoupage an old cigar box with romantic pictures, cut outs, mementos. Place your love letter inside. This can be your lover’s keepsake box for all the love letters you’ll be sending. 
  15. Dip your finger onto a red ink pad and personalize your love letter with a finger print. Draw a heart around your fingerprint and sign your name. 
  16. Send your love letter with an accompanying tape or CD. Select a song that enhances the thoughts expressed in your love letter to be listened to while reading it. 
  17. Write a love letter on the inside of your thigh. Use a ball point pen so the ink won’t run. Let your lover know it’s there, while you’re still fully dressed.

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