Another counter-counter-intuitive breakthrough.

This includes stating your opinion and saying what you REALLY think and feel about things or in certain situations or response.

People relax more because they see where you're coming from and will even trust you more, provided you show that you are a trustworthy character.

I've steered away from certain people who I've extrapolated bad or negative energy or data from and it helped me because they were being themselves. So I hope that you are a positive guy with admirable qualities so that people can enjoy your company and experience when you're being yourself. And if you're really a disturbed person develop better qualities and then be yourself...

I don't know what to say there but you could still attract unhealthy minded women towards you for sex only if you know you have certain issues; most normal, healthy
men don't though.

I'm talking about being yourself upfront with a woman, TRULY.

Don't repress your true inner character to try to 'get somewhere' with her or fall in line with the courtship dynamic.

It also does not mean showing the wussy side of you or the socially acceptable 'nice guy'.
It's not being the guy who tries to walk on eggshells to put his best foot forward, but to actually just BE yourself exactly like when you are around other people. Most guys change their state and physiology when around beautiful women.

I think you get my point; truly be your real self around them and cut the 'she's so hot I’d do anything' B.S. but also accept that you have lots of value that you know attracts women (just in a different way), and don't be afraid to show it by being comfortable in your own skin and letting people know
where YOU stand on things.

If you really have a socially damaged personality, then you just need more realignment and work.
Get my Mens Guide definitely (it's for all single men anyways) and then get more comfortable with openly showing your attributes in exercising your independence and interdependence but without ever seeking or needing anyone's approval for who you are and what you do.

One of my absolute favorite movies is 'Joe vs. the Volcano'.

It's a simple low-budget production but directly hits on the most important things in life all in one movie.

I've seen it about two dozen times or more.

When he's working at his crummy job (Tom Hanks) and just settling for less knowing that there's a woman he's interested in, in the other room; he doesn't 'even take the chance'.

He realizes that he is 'going' to die from a brain cloud and then realizes the beauty in the small things and how important life is and then he becomes alive.

He becomes who he really is on the inside and puts away all of the repression that has been holding him down and he instantly conquers it. He goes back into the office a changed man truly being himself and having WAY more power than his boss even.

To keep it short, after he walks out in power after quitting and accepting freedom and power by truly being himself (the way we were meant to be), he walks back in and says to the girl DeeDee (Meg Ryan), "DeeDee... How about dinner tonight?"

And she is just overwhelmed... of course she says yes, "Wow, what a change."
And of course they end up making out that night because he accepts his power, is being his true self without limitations (an alpha male that naturally attracts women) and naturally leads the relationship fastly from there (including the 'take her to another place' technique before stopping home technique).
But it's what they both want.

So it's up to you to accept your inherent power but first you may have to understand some more things that are involved. See my 'Mens Guide to Women' ebook. It's great to draw influence from many different sources (I do it all the time), but it's also about what value you can add to the world
(and to women).

If you aren't going to be yourself in life who are you going to be? Let women and other people know who you are by just being yourself, always improving yourself and letting it shine.

In this world of social clones and wannabes, don't be afraid of offending someone.

Desirable women usually find this attractive in a man because you stand out from the crowd and are independent and different.

If you can take your inner character and represent or showcase it on the outside, this means you can't fake it #1 and #2, all of your interactions are going to be accelerated because people already have something to go off of.

You're not being more 'vulnerable' because you are strong enough to add value back into the world now plus you never need their approval.

Take your 'true colors' and find ways to let them show by really being yourself and living your inner reality on the outside.

Also don't feel like you have to impress women or cater to them. If you say something funny and she doesn't laugh, guess who has the lower rung in the ladder - she still does because she didn't get it.

All women have an inner dork... find it, reach out to it.

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