Today I am going to show you three great places you can go to if you want to meet women.

1) Dance Class
Dance classes are great for meeting women, because in many dance classes, the women are going to outnumber you ten to one.

Depending on what kind of dance class you take, the women in it may also be extremely hot. In my experience, the classes with the most guys are usually tap and hip-hop classes. (Don't ask me why tap is more popular than other dances among guys. I have no idea.)

If you have the guts to take a beginner's ballet class (you probably won't have to wear tights, but it's still pretty girly...), I can bet you're going to be surrounded by many women.

2) Yoga Class
Yoga classes are also great for meeting women.

If you do sign up for a yoga classes, remember that many of the women you meet are probably going to be "New-Age" women. So you may want to borrow a book or two on astrology and other "New-Age" subjects so that you can have something to talk about.

If you're in great physical shape, you can also try Capoeira which is a Brazilian martial art with a lot of acrobats involved. Depending on your location, there may be a lot of women.

3) Community Theatre
You can also audition for a community play or musical. Community theatre often has a lot of single younger women who are doing shows because they want to become professional actresses one day. They are great to hit on. In a musical, men are often outnumbered by women. And since most of the other men are probably going to be gay, you're going to have all the girls to yourself.

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