I'm often asked, "Marius, I work in retail and lots of hot women come into the store every day. Should I be asking them out?"

My advice is to avoid it as you don't want to create unnecessary "drama" in the workplace.

Ask yourself these questions:
1) What if one of the customers turns out to be a psycho and reports you for harassment?
2) What if your boss doesn't like you getting more attention from women than he does?
3) What if your co-workers use this as an excuse to backstab you?
4) What if your female boss likes you and thinks you're an asshole for flirting with other women?
5) What if your boss uses this as an excuse to fire you?

And the list goes on and on...

Listen. Keep work away from dating. There's an old saying, "Don't sht* where you eat."

It TOTALLY applies to dating too.

However, you CAN flirt with these women lightly IF it can help the store sell more. If you're merely flirting with these women for the purpose of MAKING SALES, then your boss and coworkers can't really have anything against you since you're just doing your job. Just avoid taking it too far or turning your workplace into a "hunting ground" for women!

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