Here are a few classes that you can take to become more attractive to women:

1) Wine Tasting:
Knowing about wine and where they came from can help you become more sophisticated and charming. Real romantic men know their wine because they know how to enjoy life.

2) Cooking:
As I've mentioned many times in the past, "food" is one of the easiest ways to get into a woman's pants AND heart. Learn to cook well, and thou shall be rewarded!

3) Massage:
This is a GREAT way to get a woman ready for sex. Most women cannot say "no" to a great backrub - especially if they KNOW you're good!

4) Music: Learn to play the guitar. Invest a hundred bucks on a cheap guitar and a few cheap chord books and learn it for half an hour every night. You'll quickly become the center of attention at house parties.

5) Writing: Take a few creative writing classes and work on a screenplay or novel in your spare time. This way, you can call yourself a writer - which raises your coolness by a couple of points in a woman's eyes.

6) Dance / Yoga: You'll be surrounded and OUTNUMBERED by women. Need I say more?

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