My boyfriend intentionally hurts me.

You're in the middle of an argument and your boyfriend calls you nasty names - and this isn't the first time.


Break up now!!! If the relationship has deteriorated to a point that hurting each other has become habitual, it is time to break away before you end up breaking something else - your self esteem, or your bones. Psychotherapist Debra Schindler says, "Staying in a damaging relationship leaves you vulnerable to further abuse, which tends to worsen as one partner seeks to dominate the other, who tolerates this kind of severe treatment." Respect yourself, girl! You know that you deserve better than this. It is time to break away and find someone who will treat you right.

Tell your parents about this so they will do the right thing to prevent it happening again. Or contact a police or worse have a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order). Physical abuse is in the women rights. You should know your value and your rights.

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