Girls, are you having problem with your boyfriend?

Are you thinking that maybe he is cheating on you?

We come up on a list on how to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you.

Here are the top 17 signs that he is cheating on you:

1. He no longer sweet to you
2. He hide or take away his cellphone beyond your reach
3. When someone calls to him, he goes away, always smiling and is sweet talking on phone conversation.
4. He change his passcodes or password on his logins.
5. He wants to end the night or your daily talks earlier than usual.

6. He wants you to know that he is tried and wanted to sleep already (wanted you to sleep too) so that he can have time to do his thing and you wont suspect.
7. He is always online on Facebook, Twitter, Emails, and IM.
8. He is awake until wee hours because of texting, talking or chatting to someone.
9. He is always angry to you even though you do not do anything wrong.
10. He is always busy or dont have much time with you when you invite him to go out or hang out.
11. He makes lot of excuses just to not hang out with you.
12. He mostly ignores your messages, and calls.
13. He is always date during dates.
14. He doesn't say I love you more often.
15. Make a fight often.
16. He is busy messaging or texting when you are together.
17. He will prokes you so that you will break up with him.

How many visible signs is your boyfriend doing now?  Share it with us.

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