My boyfriend is too demanding!

You're just finished talking to your lab partner about what to do with those pesky guinea pig. As soon as you put down the phone, it rings again. It's your honey, griping about how he's been trying to call you for awhile now but the line was busy. When you say it was an important call, he demands to know who you were talking to and why!

Resist the urge to slam the phone! Instead, placidly tell him the truth - it was your lab partner asking about the guinea pigs. Now, if your boyfriend refuses to believe that and he makes a big issue of it, it's his problem. (Hang on, have you been giving him reasons to mistrust you? Think about that.) Don't fuel the fire by getting all angry and defensive. When things get heated up, the best course of action is to coolly tell him your side. Don't put yourself in a position where you might say something that you don't really mean. If he won't let up, tell him to talk to you late when you've both calmed down.

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